Thursday, December 22, 2016

Obama's Delusions

He actually thinks the new "regulations" further injuring the coal industry can't be changed or reversed by Trump when he takes office. He's deluded, that way. Even laws made by Congress can be changed by later action. His "executive actions" need only to be reversed by executive orders from the new president, no matter how they're written. He still thinks he is "all powerful" and his orders can't be changed by his successor. He will soon learn how abysmally wrong he is, as soon s Trump takes office.

WHAT ARE "SUPERDELEGATES?" Hillary knows, and so does Bernie Sanders. They're the Democrat Party's way of making sure the candidate THEY want to win the primaries gets the most delegates, no matter how many primaries the other candidate wins. That's how they screwed Bernie out of the nomination, even though he won the most primaries. Not that I wish Bernie had won--I don't. But I wish he had lost FAIRLY. If he had won, he'd been even easier to beat than Hillary. I hate cheaters. And that's plainly what the Democrat Party is. Hillary should NOT have gotten the Democrat nomination, so "winning" more popular votes than Trump just doesn't count. She probably got those the same way she beat Bernie.

TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME: We need to be offering "counseling" for those who are so deranged by the election of Donald Trump that they do crazy things, like accosting Ivana Trump on an airplane and screaming things like, "Your father is ruining this country!" When what he plans to do is REVERSE what OBAMA did to ruin this country. What Obama did was real. Trump "ruining the country" is only in the IMAGINATION of those fools, fueled by the lies put out by the Democrats (liberals)

RELEASING GUN TOTING CRIMINALS: Obama CLAIMS he is trying to REDUCE gun crime, while his every action is guaranteed to INCREASE it. Many of the criminals he just pardoned, or whose sentences he reduced, were in prison for GUN CRIMES. How does he justify that? He doesn't; he just ignores it. If asked about it, he "clams up" and either says nothing, or "filibusters" the answer.

PROOF OF THE PUDDING: The anti-gun fools keep saying that arming law-abiding individuals will not do anything to reduce crime because they are more likely to shoot themselves than criminals. This in spite of sure evidence it's a LIE. In Texas, people are still getting their guns, and break-in artists (and other armed criminals) are still getting shot. Which reduces the crime that would have been committed in the future by these fools. That's a definite refutation of what the anti-gun fools are saying. And it happens all the time, not just in Texas.

DEMOCRATS' "IMAGINARY FRIENDS": Democrats have many "imaginary friends" who tell them things always damaging to their opposition, and which subsequently prove to be LIES. But they don't want to be identified, and whose bull droppings can't be verified, nor disproved. But Democrats "report" what they say as if it were Gospel, and SWEAR it's true. Like Harry Reid, LYING on the floor of the Senate, saying. "Romney has not paid his taxes for ten years" when he KNEW it was a LIE. Then there's Dick Gephart, who told us HE had a "friend" (whose name he will not divulge) who told him, "You want to make things better, raise my taxes!" And these two aren't the only Democrats who engage in this practice. They ALL do. Lying is "second nature" to Democrats.

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