Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Cops Have No Resources

Cops say they haven't the manpower to follow up on the THOUSANDS of people legally disallowed from buying guns, who try, anyway, to arrest them. For them to even TRY is a violation of most local laws, as well as FEDERAL law. They not only DON'T follow up and arrest that individual, they don't bother to even notify his potential victim so he/she can take precautions. This sounds like lax enforcement, to me. I thought only Obama could do that.

YESTERDAY my computer had a stroke. At least it seems like it. It wouldn;t do a thing i told it to do, right after I finished posting to the "Bull Cutter." So I had to "skip it" for this, and one other blog. Today, it seems to be working.

NO FLY LIST UNCONSTITUTIONAL: The Constitution, in the Fifth Amendment says, "no person shall be deprived of liberty or property without due process of law." The "No Fly List does just that. A name can be added at the WHIM of a bureaucrat or politician and there's NO "appeal process." Once on, it's impossible to get it off. Further, the subject only learns of it the next time he tries to fly. And they use the list to deny individuals the right to own guns, too.

WHAT MEDIA IS HE WATCHING? NY Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg says that "TV Media must stop being easy on Trump." The liberal media has been extraordinarily nasty on Trump, since the day he announced he was running for president. And the pressure hasn't lessened since the election. What PLANET has this fool been living on for the last couple of years? I guess it takes a special kind of stupid to write for the New York Times.

IT AIN'T WORKIN": The Democrats thought they'd find "evidence" of election fraud in favor of Donald Trump in a recount. Instead, they're finding it in favor of Hillary. That ain't what they wanted. In Wisconsin, Trump got 162 new votes after the recount ended. In another place, they found sure evidence of election fraud FOR Hillary. You should never accuse your opponent of what you're doing and initiate an investigation. You might not like what you find.

TRUMP ELECTION CREATES VIOLENCE: At least, that's what Democrats/liberals say. and they've set out to make it happen. Liberals have been seen to attack Trump supporters all over the place. An ACTOR I've never herd of actually ASSAULTED a "cab driver" after he got into an argument with him over his support of Trump. Seems like ALL the "violence" over Trump's election is coming from his opponents. I've never seen anything like it. That's why I won't put a Trump sticker on my car. Once, years ago, my car got "egged" by some stupid jerk because of an "A is A" sticker on it. I learned my lesson that day.

SO TRUMP SAW KAYNE WEST! What's the big deal? He spent a lot of time torturing Mitt Romney by dangling the Sec. of State appointment in front of his eyes, then pulling it back, didn't he? He accepted a call from the leader in Formosa and "tortured" the Chinese, didn't he? He does a lot of things that piss off the liberals. So what? Liberals will never "tumble" to the many ways in which he "played" them!

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