Thursday, December 15, 2016

State Ordering Support for Murder!

Oklahoma has become the first state to force those with public restrooms to put advice in them as to where to obtain abortions. I guess the fact that abortion is MURDER doesn't matter to the state lawmakers. Abortion is "infanticide," and is our "holocaust," but way too few people realize it. So we follow Germany in approving MURDER by law, as long as Obama is in charge. Trump will change all that..

OBAMA APPROVES BABY MURDER: Obama is trying to prevent states from making laws to de-fund abortion. He has finalized a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ruling essentially PREVENTING states from refusing to accept federal money to support Planned Parenthood, a "good-sounding name" for a "national baby-killing ring" That has MURDERED millions of defenseless babies with the "aid and comfort" of its accomplices, the baby's parents, who don't want to raise the result of their unprotected sex.

OBAMA DOING ALL HE CAN: He's hastening to do everything he can to destroy this country in the few days he has left in his administration. He forgets, Trump can UNDO everything he has done, as soon as he gets in office. He just hopes Trump won't be able to do it in his first few days in office, and some damage can be done, in the meantime. But he's underestimating Trump, who is "onto him."

HAS SHE BEEN SCREWING AROUND? George Stephanopoulos's wife has been "crowing" about her 14-year-old daughter's "hissy fit" about abortion when informed of Trump's win. That makes me wonder: has she been screwing around, or does she plan to? Is she pregnant, and it just doesn't show, yet? I don't know any other reason a girl so young would be that worried about Trump winning the election, and the possible end of abortions.

"HACK HILLARY'S E-MAILS!" Obama said, straight out, that Trump TOLD the Russians to "Hack Hillary's e-mails." Which is a blatant, damned LIE. He MADE A JOKE about it, saying, "If the American government can't find Hillary's e-mails, maybe the RUSSIANS can find them," ridiculing the "investigation" that was ongoing with NO results. The liberals are not CAPABLE of understanding humor because humor isn't IN them. They take an innocent joke and want the world to think Trump TOLD the Russians to hack Hillary's e-mails. That's the kind of stupid things they do!

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