Tuesday, December 27, 2016

"UN: Go To Hell!"

That's what Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations after it passed it's resolution condemning what is essentially an action of a sovereign nation. They have no business interfering in the INTERIOR actions of a sovereign nation, and no real way to enforce their "edicts." So Israel rightly told them to "go to hell" with their resolution, a resolution they should have never passed, and couldn't if Obama had not "thrown Israel under the bus" just to spite Trump. A really juvenile act, but what we've come to expect of this spiteful CHILD in the White House.

GOOD COMEBACK: Kellyanne Conway had a priceless comeback when asked by a liberal interviewer how she was going to do her job as presidential counselor while caring for four young children. Her answer? "I don't play golf, and I don't have a mistress." Which are stiff jabs at two of the recent Democrats in the White House. Jabs they richly deserve. I think Kellyanne is going to be a lot smarter than they anticipate. It would not be to their advantage not to try and outsmart her.

OBAMA'S BIGGEST FAILURE: His biggest failure is not taking away our constitutional right to be armed in self-defense. The very way his laws are written reveals his intent--which is to make us DEFENSELESS in the face of a threat by an ILLEGAL gun owner. Gun safes, gun trigger locks,"safe storage," for instance, do ONLY that. He CLAIMS they are made that way to give us a "cooling off period" before we CAN get to our guns, which is bullderm! In one state, getting a concealed carry permit is easy. But the gun carried must be UNLOADED! How STUPID is that? But most of their gun laws ARE stupid, as well as USELESS to do what they SAY they'll do.

FED GUN LAWS UNCONSTITUTIONAL: It's simple and easy to understand. Which is why our politicians just can't understand it. The language in the Constitution is simple: in the Second Amendment, are the words, "shall not be infringed," In reference to our gun rights. But they seize upon the more "murky" wording about an "organized militia," which did not even EXIST when they were alive, to obfuscate the meaning of the Amendment. In any case, any "infringement" allowed must be at STATE level.

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? Pretty low, if you're an Islamic terrorist. In a society where screwing little children, of both sexes, is a "cultural thing, it's not surprising that they are now USING children, who have no idea what they're doing, in their terrorist activities. When you strap a bomb onto a CHILD and send him into a crowd, he has no idea he or she is going to die with the rest. He/she just does what he/she's told. Pretty low; like whale dung on the bottom of the ocean.

NO RIGHT TO LIVE: A professor (himself white) at Philadelphia's Drexel University, wishes fervently for "white genocide." That this is an UNBALANCED wish goes without saying. In any such genocide, HE would be one of the FIRST to be executed. Apparently, he isn't able to figure this out for himself, or he has a death wish. And this is the level of intelligence displayed by some who think they're smart enough to teach our impressionable children what they need to know to be able to function in our society.

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