Friday, December 9, 2016

Liberals Hate It!

Surprise, surprise! Liberals hate Trump's nomination of a man who thinks global warming is swindle designed to make money for its proponents. But those of us who agree think his pick is perfect. He will "clean out the swamp" in EPA and get rid of those swindlers who reside there. That's what the liberals fear, so they complain loudly. The louder they complain, the happier I am.

"TRUMP VICTORY SOUL CRUSHING": That's what Valerie Jarrett thinks. Poor baby! She, like most liberals fear that Trump is going to do exactly what he has PROMISED to do: "drain the swamp" in DC. And since she is "in charge of the swamp," she's frightened for her own future, as she should be. Democrats everywhere, and even some Republicans are "going on the block," and will soon be OUT of politics. Boo hoo!

DIBLASIO'LL PAY FOR MURDER: New York's mayor has promised that New York will pay for abortions if the abortion defunding law is passed in Congress. I've never been able to understand the logic of people who think baby murder is a good thing. But, since most of them are liberals, it's less hard to understand. Liberals not only HAVE no logic, they deny the very EXISTENCE of logic, AND common sense. That's so they won't have to follow those dictates in their thinking.

THE CHICAGO "WAR ZONE": Chicago IS a "war zone, where they need to send out plows to clean up piles of spent brass sometimes knee deep. Where you're more likely to be killed by a stray (or aimed) bullet than anywhere else in the nation. It's so bad that Chicago is a :"punch line" in jokes about guns and gun control. People are in more danger in Chicago than in Aleppo, and Aleppo IS a "war zone." Chicago's mayor assures illegal aliens that they "are safe in Chicago," but doesn't mention that they might be killed by a stray bullet.

CCW UNCONSTITUTIONAL: Why? Because it "gives permission" to carry concealed, where "permission" should not be needed. It is an "infringement" on a right the Constitution guarantees, and says, "shall not beinfringed." You should not have to fill out complicated forms, pass background checks, and pay a fee to exercise a right. All other "gun laws" are also infringements and are therefore ALSO unconstitutional.

INFLATION IS THEFT: Government theft, hidden by law, for the purpose of conning you out of your money without having to take the trouble to pass a law creating a tax. There are many things that contribute to inflation, but the biggest one is printing money with nothing valuable behind it. The government does this daily, and they legitimize it by giving it a fancy name, like "Quantitative Easing." But there's nothing fancy about it. To print more money with nothing valuable behind it, and put it in circulation DILUTES the value of the money already out there. this is done constantly, which is why prices are always going up, making your money worth less.

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