Friday, December 2, 2016

A New "Whipping Boy"

Obama seems to blame his every reversal on George Bush. But that's getting pretty old, since Obama has been in office for almost 8 years. So now he's blaming everything on Fox News, which may, or may not be right. But the mere fact that he blames them for everything tells me they're doing something right. If telling the TRUTH about Obama gets in his way, that's a GOOD thing. Obama HAS to blame his many failures on somebody besides himself, and Fox is now his "whipping boy." Fox can handle it.

"A LOT OF HUMILITY": At least one reporter has it right. But where he works is surprising. He works for New York Times." He says that the media should have "a lot of humility" in reporting bad things about Donald Trump, since theyv'e been so completely wrong on so many occasions. But they won't. They IGNORE such inconveniences, and just go on making completely wrong predictions, which again, they ignore while continuing to be wrong on all counts. That's the way it is in the liberal media. There's no accountability. That's the way is is in ALL liberaldom.

LEVI STRAUSS BANS GUNS: There's another business I won't be visiting. By their action, they have told me they no longer want my business, and I'm okay with that. I think I've only had one pair of Levis in my life, and I was 15. Somebody else bought them. I've certainly never bought any, and probably never will. If they don't want my business, they shall not have it. I've never been one to go where I'm not wanted. It's a growing list of stupid people. One is Waffle House, which was robbed at gunpoint right after they announced their policy. Hardy har, har! I feel sorry for them, but I can't seem to reach them.

"HE'S NOT EXPERIENCED": That's one of their chief complaints against Donald Trump But it's a specious whine. Show me a president in our history who is experienced in ALL the things he needs to know to be president. Barack Obama was one of the worst offenders when it comes to having experience, but you don't hear Democrats whining about him. Hillary has ABSOLUTELY no experience at being president. Being Sec. of State is not the same as being president. The presidency is necessarily "on the job training." You have to learn as you go along. That's why a wise president surrounds himself with people who ARE experienced in the things he needs to know.

TRACE BEGGING FOR MONEY: The Trace, one of the best-known anti-gun fool publications is supported financially by Mike Bloomberg, former NYC mayor, billionaire, and chief anti-gun fool in the United States, apparently isn't getting enough money from Mike, because they recently sent out an "e-mail blast" begging for money. They SAY they want to "make sure America gets the truth about gun control," but what they actually want is for America to "be aware" of "facts" that AREN'T true.

CNN WANTS MEGYN KELLY: But does Megyn Kelly want CNN? She's got quite respectable ratings at Fox. To move to CNN would cause a significant DROP in her ratings, and she doesn't want that. To Fox viewers, for Megyn to move to CNN would be a desertion and a violation of her principles, and none would watch her. So the only viewers she could get are CNN watchers, which aren't very many, since most people know how much of a liberal crapper CNN is.

THEY WON'T INVESTIGATE: DOJ has indicated that they will NOT investigate threats made to members of the Electoral College, in an attempt to intimidate them into voting for Hillary, even if they're from states that Trump won. This is so obviously "voter intimidation" on the part of Democrats, it isn't even up for discussion (except by Democrats). So DOJ is not going to investigate. Surprise, surprise! The DOJ is CONTROLLED by Obama--at least, until Jan. 20. So there'll be no investigation, in hopes that they will prevail.

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