Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No Headscarves For Muslims

A CNN anchor has had the stupidity on air to suggest that American women start wearing head scarves "in solidarity" with Muslims. What the hell FOR? Why don't Muslims STOP wearing their headscarves "in solidarity with AMERICANS? Why do WE always have to change to please Muslims? Someone once said, "When in Rome do as the Romans do." That's such a profound statement, it has been taken up by many. But Muslims move here to "escape the privations" in their home countries, then try their best to CHANGE what WE do to be like them.

RECORD GUN SALES: "Back Friday accounted for more gun sales in one day than at ANY time in our history, to the wailing and gnashing of teeth of the anti-gun fools who want ALL legal guns gone from the world so the criminals, who don't OBEY gun laws can have their way with law-abiding people. They say "That's not what we want!" But that's what they GET!. Fewer guns in the hands of the law-abiding makes them "easy targets" for criminals, who don't OBEY gun laws.

OBAMA PRAISES ROLLING STONE: Rolling Stone, a magazine that lost a seven million dollar suit over a fake rape story they MADE up, saying "This is the kind of news organization we need in America, and others should emulate it." That must be a message to other news organizations that they need to make up news stories, but do a better job of it, so they don't get caught, as did Rolling Stone.

TRUMP DANGLES ROMNEY: The rumors are rife about Romney being chosen as Secretary of State. He has made many selections for other posts and made those publicly. But not for Sec. of State, while "dangling Romney" in front of everybody who is criticizing him for possibly choosing Romney. He even loudly had dinner with Romney the other night, making his supporters very nervous. I predict that Romney doesn't have a chance. His choice will probably be Rudy Giuliani. I really hope I'm right.

"POLITICAL UNITY": The Democrats are doing their usual thing after LOSING an election, BIG! They're talking about "political unity," and "working together" with Trump, on all things. Something they NEVER did when they were in control. But those of us in the know, realize that "cooperation," to Democrats means "knuckling under" to THEIR ideas and giving up your own. That's how they have blunted losses in the past, and most politicians fall for the scam. I predict than Trump will NOT.

REGULATING COW FARTS: We've covered this idea before, as a joke. But as with other really STUPID ideas liberals have, it is now LAW in one of the most liberal states in the union, California. I expect other liberal-run states to soon follow suit. It's yet another way to use that global warming swindle to pry more and more money out of Americans. Global warming has been PROVED to be a swindle many times, but liberals cling to it like barnacles because it's such a good moneymaker for both politicians and private individuals and organizations.

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