Friday, December 16, 2016

"Dangling Blacks Like Puppets"

That's what Marc Lamont Hill says about Jim Brown's "good words" for Trump after his visit with him. Funny--that's what Democrats/liberals have been doing for ages. Is this yet another example of Democrats accusing Trump of what THEY'VE been doing? That's one of their most common, and in today's world, with cameras and microphones everywhere, most TRANSPARENT scams. But they're not smart enough to perceive that, so they keep on doing it.

IT'S NOT MISOGYNISM: Liberals love to knock Trump because he admired beautiful women, but that just shows their complete IGNORANCE. God himself PLANNED it that way. It's a mechanism to insure "multiplication." Only liberal fools don't know that, but we're used to that. They are consistently AGAINST things that are good for us, and the fact that all men admire pretty women is one of them. A good example is their hatred of oil producers. In the complete ABSENCE of anything to replace it, oil is absolutely ESSENTIAL for our very survival.

PHONY HATE CRIME: An 18-year-old girl in NYC cried "hate crime" in the subway, accusing three men with trying to remove her head scarf while shouting "Donald Trump" at her (Which, even if true, would be a good way to "frame" Trump supporters without any proof, at all). The subway "authorities" looked at all the video of the area in which this "hate crime" supposedly occurred, but could not find ANY evidence it actually happened. So they concluded that this girl, a Muslim, was out late drinking, and wanted to divert her father's anger, so she fabricated this story, hoping she would be believed. And in her hate-filled household, she might well BE believed.

IN HIS CRYSTAL BALL: A professor is saying 20 "electors" at the Electoral College are going to vote against Trump, in spite of their states giving him the win. I don't know where he's getting that, since investigators could only find ONE who is going to vote against Trump. And if they do, it will create the biggest constitutional challenge EVER, and result in a revolution if Trump isn't confirmed. Frankly, if I were younger and more able. I'd LEAD such a revolution. The Democrats are really going stupid (Or maybe it's just becoming more obvious as they become more and more panic stricken)!

THEY NEED US! What may be at the bottom of the liberal hysteria over Trump being elected may be that they have finally realized that we don't need them, and THEY NEED US! Socialism does not produce ANY new wealth. It merely STEALS wealth from those who earn it, and redistributes it to those who DON'T produce new wealth. Without the producers, socialism could not survive, and maybe they've come to realize it, and it frightens them. And they hate us for that.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG IS INSANE! She just proved it again by saying that "Celebrating Christmas and getting an abortion are the same thing." What kind of a damned fool IS this woman? Celebrating Christmas is the same thing as murdering an infant? This woman needs a psychiatric examination. She needs to be committed! She really BELIEVES this crap! And she has a "platform" to spread her damned foolishness on "The View." The other women on that show don't question her when she makes these really abysmally IGNORANT statements. It's almost like listening to a female Obama. She shoulda stuck to stand-up comedy. Wait! I'm sure this was one of her funniest lines yet! Maybe she did!

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