Tuesday, December 20, 2016

NOT Because of Religion!

Muslims claim Trump's wish to stop importing Muslim terrorists disguised as "refugees" until they can be properly vetted is "religious persecution." It is NOT. It is COMMON SENSE not to import your killers when there is no way to vet them. And that's not going to change, no matter how much liberals whine about it. The flow of Islamic terrorists will slow to a trickle, or END under Trump. And that has NOTHING to do with their religion, but their murderous intentions.

IMPORTING YOUR OWN KILLERS: That's what we're doing, under Obama, and it will END under Trump. That's what Germany is doing, and the stolen semi running into a market and killing and injuring hundreds is a good example of what you can expect. The uptick in rapes too, can be expected, because Islam is a "rape culture" under which the forcible rape of CHILDREN of both sexes, and adults, is considered "a cultural thing."

RUSSIAN HACKING IS FANTASY: The Democrats are mounting a campaign to make America think Vladmir Putrid....er, Putin had his minions hack our election to help Trump win because they thought he'd be "easy." He is NOT, but that's another discussion. But, even though they've been hacking us for years (along with many other counties), the effect on the election was nil. But the Democrats are "playing it up" as if it had a major effect so they could use it to say Trump was SUPPORTED by the Russians, as they falsely say he's supported by the KKK

ATTACKING THE RIGHT: "CNN’s online coverage of Monday’s deadly terror attack on a German Christmas market focused on the attack’s potential to stoke far-right anger, rather than the threats of Islamic radicalism. " They're more interested in "threatening the right" than in the threat of Islamic terrorism. That's common among the liberal fools. They ignore the atrocities committed by Islamic terrorists and call people who report on their atrocities "Islamophobes" or "Ismamafascists." We've had liberals, way back to the revolutionary war (we called them "Torries" then) and they've never gone away, and WILL never go away.

KASICH'S GOOD MOVE": Ohio Governor Kasich made a number of bad moves when he refused to understand only winning ONE primary meant nobody wanted him as president--except maybe, members of his campaign committee. But he made GOOD move when he didn't veto the bill to allow "campus carry" in his state I've been maintaining that is a good idea for a long time, but politicians usually have a "tin ear" when I tell them.

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