Monday, December 26, 2016

Muslim Special Treatment

As usual, Muslims don't want to "assimilate" into OUR culture. They want to CHANGE it to suit themselves. Now some Muslim students at the University of Maryland are DEMANDING the school put "prayer rooms" in every building on campus. Never mind there aren't ANY "special rooms" for CHRISTIAN students, and not likely to be. They insist THEIR wishes be granted or, I'm sure, they will make trouble over it, although the threat is unspoken. But we know how Muslim extremists operate, don't we?

MANY FALSE REPORTS: Recently there was a report that a "bad smelling, booze reeking" man forced a woman wearing a Hajib to remove it, or he would burn her. University officials and the cops reacted like most liberals do, as if it were real, before any investigation was begun. THEN the cops found that there was NO EVIDENCE that it ever happened. Of course, they blamed Trump's election, as usual, again with NO EVIDENCE, only OPINION. There are many such false reports, always blaming Trump's election, always with NO EVIDENCE.

THEY CAN'T ADMIT IT: CNN, in it's coverage of that fool shooting in Turkey that resulted in the death of the Russian ambassador, who was shot in the back by a cowardly Muslim cop, says, "There is no evidence that this killer speaks for Muslims." No? What the hell does "Allahu Akbar" mean? "No evidence?" what IS "evidence" to those CNN fools? He shouted "Allahu Akbar," as most Islamic terrorists do, when killing an "unbeliever," and then spouted Islamic terrorist rhetoric before he was shot to death by other Turkish police. 'What does it TAKE for CNN to abandon their Muslim-loving positions?

THE "FAILING NEW YORK TIMES": Trump often refers to the "failing" NY Times, but is he right? Seems like. They're moving out of eight floors of their building and consolidating their operations in the rest, while renting out those floors to make extra money. At the same time, there was a drop of 94.7% in quarterly profits. 94.7% DROP! No business can long withstand such a drain on profits, which is evidenced by their move to abandon 8 floors. Trump notices things like this, and he isn't bashful about mentioning it.

BIG WORDS FOR A DEAD MAN: The German Islamic terrorist who drove a truck into a bunch of people in a Christmas Market says, "We will slaughter you like pigs!" Of course, he will not be "slaughtering" ANYBODY, since HE has been "slaughtered like a pig in the street" when he tried to kill two Italian cops (he wasn't very good at it). And he was ENDED by a ROOKIE cop, to boot. For such a big mouth, without his truck, he wasn't "such a much." Like all Muslim extremists. He was all mouth. One shot, and he's gone.

ONE MORE OUTRAGE: Obama seems to be working HARD piling up the outrages for Trump to reverse when he becomes president. One latest is refusing to veto the UN's outrage against Israel. The other is a new "rule" banning gun purchases for ANYBODY getting disability from Social Security--as if getting disability, for ANY reason, means they're "mentally deficient." Boy! We (not me) really elected a FOOL this time!

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