Wednesday, December 21, 2016

It Worked!

But not the way they wanted it to work. Hillary lost more Electoral College votes than Trump did, and he AGAIN whipped the pants off her. This time, making his election as president "official" and not likely to be denied, as she wishes it would be. So she can now "ride off into the sunset," along with Obama, not to be seen, nor heard from (I hope) again. Of course, the Democrats will spend the next four (maybe 8) years trying to tear Trump down, as unsuccessfully as before.

OBAMA WILL TAKE CREDIT: The Stock Market closed in on 20,000 today for the first time in history. It's plainly a reaction to Trump being elected, and confirmed by the electoral College. But it DID happen while that incompetent fool, Obama was still president, so he will take credit for it, even though he didn't have a thing to do with it. That's what he does. Take credit for things done by others, and DARE anybody to say otherwise.

OUR "STAR OF DAVID": During the Second World War, the Nazis made "laws" requiring Jews to wear the "Star of David" so everybody would know they were Jews. That's before they KILLED them in the holocaust. Now, in S. Carolina, which has significantly increased the issuance of "concealed carry" permits, one REPUBLICAN fool wants a law made to REQUIRE those with CCW permits to put a "tag" on their car license plates to let people know. What part of "concealed" does this fool not understand?

"PAINFUL TO WATCH": Michele Obama says, 'Election day news was "painful to watch." No kidding, Michelle? It was either going to be "painful" for you, or painful for me. Better it be for you, because now you and your liberal friends won't be able to victimize Americans--for a while, at least--until you figure out how to con yourselves back into a position where you can continue your illegal dealings. For Hillary to be elected would have been a disaster if the first order. We "dodged a bullet," there.

TURNING CRIMINALS LOOSE: Obama, in the waning days of his disaster, pardoned the MOST criminals ever pardoned in a single day. Boy! He really likes turning criminals loose on society, doesn't he? The criminals released may not include murderers, but only time will tell whether or not they BECOME murderers in the future, in their quest to get the best high. I guess it was not enough to release so many Islamic terrorist murderers from GITMO while IMPORTING thousands of other Islamic terrorist killers pretending to be "refugees" to kill Americans.

DENYING THE OBVIOUS: Liberals in many countries are denying the obvious in the aftermath of the assassination of a Russian ambassador. They say the assassin screaming "Allahu Akbar" doesn't necessarily mean he speaks for Muslims. What's WRONG with these damned fools? That speaks plainly to me that he IS! And does to ANYBODY with a lick of intelligence! Liberals have no common sense at all in the things they both espouse and want to deny the rest of us. And this proves it absolutely.

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