Monday, December 19, 2016

"No Right to Enter WH"

Liberal fool Michael Moore says, "Trump has no right to enter the Oval Office." Whenever this fool speaks, even liberals cringe, because whatever he says is so damned stupid. This fat butt has NO sense at all, and he proves it every tie he opens his pie hole and doesn't shove some pie in it. Moore reminds me of the Japanese soldiers, marooned on a Pacific island, still fighting WWII, long after it's over, because they haven't yet figured it out.

TOLD HIM "QUIT IT!" Obama says he told, uh, Putin to "knock it off." and did he? Not a chance. He knew Obama was a "paper tiger." A real one, not the phony one the Chinese communists talk about. The Democrats claim the Russians wanted to get Trump elected because they thought he'd be "easier." But just the opposite is true. They KNEW Hillary would be easier, because she proved it when she was Secretary of State.

PLAYING THE GAME: The liberals better be careful with their "fake news" crap. Two can play at that game, and the right has many more examples of "fake news" put out by the left than than the left will ever find. (unless they falsify them) on the right. Yes, we're already looking, but I predict that, as they "fact-check" "right-wing sources," we will intensify our search and "fact-check" the LEFT-wing news sources, most of which are engaged in spreading 'fake news" every day.

"FEELINGS OF HOPELESSNESS": Michelle Obama the other day, on TV, said, the American people "know the feeling of hopelessness," meaning as Trump is expected to take office to replace her husband as president. But in actuality, the "feeling of hopelessness" was there because of the last eight years of "liberal rule," and the possibility it would continue if Hillary was elected, as planned by the Democrats. Now they have a new "feeling of HOPE," engendered by Trump's victory, which can only be reversed by STEALING the election through their campaign to get electors not to vote for Trump. That didn't work, either.

STOPPING "UNFIT PEOPLE" Hollywood "celebrities" produced a video saying that the electoral College was designed to keep "unfit people" from the presidency. That's an abject LIE! The Electoral College has only one purpose: to keep population centers like New York or California from electing a president, making the rest of the states DISENFRANCHISED. Keeping "unfit people" out of the office had NOTHING to do with it, and is only so in the IMAGINATION of liberals, and is just part of the scheme to STEAL the election.

THEY DID THE RIGHT THING: When an actual member of the POLICE shot and killed the Russian ambassador, the cops immediately shot and killed him on the spot. No arrest. NO "show trial" that gives him a chance to monopolize the news for a while, as with Dylan Roof, the Charleston mass killer. Frankly, I think all such killers should be immediately put to death, on the scene, as soon after they do their killing as possible, not wasting time or money with a trial. The same should be done with Islamic terrorists caught in the act. Forget GITMO. That just gives liberals something to whine about.

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