Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pushing "Muslim Hatred"

As if there were no reason to hate SOME Muslims, liberals are pushing the idea that America HATES Muslims, period. We don't. But we DO hate Muslim terrorists, who have PROMISED to kill us if we don't "convert" to their phony "religion." There ar two kinds of Muslims: One, the DUPES who BELIEVE the horse manure put out by that child screwer, Muhammed' and two, Muslim terrorists, who have been MADE to believe the horse manure that it is not only okay to kill "unbelievers," it is REQUIRED of them. We don't hate Muslims, per se. We DO hate Muslim terrorrists, who have declared war on people of ALL religions except theirs. And we will kill them as soon as they reveal themselves.

PHONY "FAKE NEWS": Liberals have announced a "crackdown" on "fake news," which they attribute exclusively to the "right." Meanwhile, they IGNORE the fake news put out by liberal news sources. They refuse to believe liberals are CAPABLE of putting out phony stories. And they ignore such stories as the one in the NY Times about an 8-year old boy who LIVES for his heroin fix, which was totally made up, and only discovered when the author was given a Pulitzer Prize for it, and it was finally fact-checked.

PODESTA'S CHILD SEX RING: Five years ago, the now late Andrew Breitbart published a story implicating Hillary's campaign manager John Podesta in a child sex ring. Is that why he died, under acknowledged, but not properly investigated circumstances? Apparently he had strong enough evidence of Podesta's involvement in a child sex ring that he was confident he was able to reveal it without legal ramifications. But not without murderous ramifications. But we'll never know, now he's dead.

MOORE: "TRUMP WON'T BE PRESIDENT": Michael Moore, the corpulent fool who thinks he knows it all says, "Trump will never become president. Six weeks is a long time." Does he know something we don't know? Has he sent a :"hit man" after Trump? Or does he really think the effort to get Electors to vote against their instructions will work? Or that the phony recount will come up with enough votes to change the outcome? I don't know. But when Trump is inaugurated, will he admit his error, or just ignore it and go right along, as he has done in the past when he was wrong?

THEY'RE IN PANIC: I've never seen the losing side in an election go this crazy. A good example is a liberal PROFESSOR at Orange Coast college telling her class that the election of Donald Trump was "an act of terrorism" she blames on the Electoral College. In that, she's right, except it isn't BLAME. It's simply the LAW being observed, which liberals HATE, when it goes against them, and LOVE when it goes in their favor. This is a good example of the LACK of competence in the people who teach our impressionable children. No wonder they come home with such STUPID ideas!

TAKING NO FIRE: Brian Williams LIED about "taking fire" during the 2003 Iraq invasion, and recently ADMITTED it. Now he talks confidently about "fake news," attributing it ONLY to the right. This is the kind of FOOL telling us what HE thinks is "news." Absolutely MOST of the "fake news" put out is on the liberal side, but they want to make us think it is the right. They've announced a "crackdown" on fake news. Does that mean they're going to "crack down" on themselves?

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