Monday, October 31, 2016

"FBI Cleared Her"

That’s the narrative the Democrats are putting out after the FBI reopened their “investigation” into Hillary’s crimes. But he didn’t. He listed all her crimes and said he wasn’t going to pursue charges “because she didn’t mean it.” But now 600,000 PLUS e-mails that were NOT turned over have been discovered. More than have ever been found before, on a system the Congress wouldn’t have discovered if they weren’t investigating the husband of her closest aide, and his sleazy sex texts. Of course, she never told them about those, and I’m sure she knew they were there, but kept them hidden.

A COUNTRY WITHOUT GUNS: Without LEGAL guns, anyway—except for cops and government agents. That describes Venezuela, where it is a CRIME for a private citizen to have a gun. So they kill cops and steal THEIR guns. You can bet there are plenty of ILLEGAL guns there, but they don’t help the 80% who want President Nicholas Maduro OUT. But they can’t do anything to make that happen as long as he controls “the men with guns.” That’s what our politicians fervently wish for here, which is why they try so hard to DISARM us.

3,000 SHOT IN CHICAGO: Just this year. 19 of them just since early last weekend. Why, oh why is Chicago one of the most dangerous places in the country to live, since they have such tight gun laws? That’s a question being asked by many anti-gun fools who just can’t figure out that if you disarm honest people, the criminals “run wild.” And that’s what all Chicago’s “tight gun laws” do. Law-abiding people obey their laws, while criminals do NOT. They call them CRIMINALS for a reason.

PUT ‘EM IN PRISON: Like Mexico does. In Mexico, if people they deport return, they give them a stiff prison sentence before deporting them, again. They’re pretty tough on returners, but we’re not. No wonder we have so many deportees who have been deported many times, come back and commit more crimes. Like that guy in San Francisco who murdered that defenseless girl, right in front of her father. He was deported FIVE TIMES. Many others see our border as a “revolving door.” So when are we going to do something about it? (AFTER Obama's gone, IF Hillary doesn't get elected)/

DID COMEY BREAK THE LAW? I guess the best defense is an offense. Which is why Hillary is accusing FBI Director Comey of violating the Hatch Act by releasing an announcement about reopening the investigation into Hillary’s crimes, just before the election. Maybe his best next move is to have her INDICTED before the election. I’d hate for her to be elected and have to resign. There’d still be a Democrat in office to replace her. And we don’t want that. You can bet they’ll pick the most dedicated socialist.

TRUMP ONE POINT BEHIND: Donald Trump is now just ONE POINT behind Hillary in “the polls.” In spite of all they did to twist the polls to help Democrats demoralize potential Republican voters, so they wouldn’t vote for Trump. He still overpowered them. The only poll that counts is the one on Nov, 8, and if Trump overpowers them there, Democrats lose. And that possibility makes them wet their jammies.

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