Monday, October 24, 2016

L, A, Times Is Stupid!

They’re suggesting the government BAN all guns! Second Amendment notwithstanding. Are they STUPID, Or what? Do they really think the government can get away with ignoring such a CLEAR provision in the Constitution, which is the BASIS for ALL our laws? Or do they, like most liberals, just not care? I can’t believe they’re that abysmally STUPID, so they must just not care a hoot about it.

A GOOD IDEA: The parents of a six-year-old killed in the Townville school shooting want more armed officers in all schools. Hopefully non-uniformed, so a potential shooter can’t “pick them off” FIRST. Better still, do as Florida is trying to do, and Ohio IS doing, allow licensed and TRAINED teachers with guns to being them to school so a potential shooter CAN’T know which are armed.

DEMOCRATS ARE STUPID! They want to ban a Donald Duck mascot because his first name is “Donald.” They say the name is too similar to Donald Trump, and they want to do away with him. I guess we can add him to the “Clinton Kill List.” The Clintons (both of them) have long lists of people who have died under suspicious circumstances just before they were to testify against them.

HOPE HE’S RIGHT AGAIN: The professor who correctly predicted the last FIVE presidential election results has said that Trump has an 87% chance of winning this election. It’s diametrically opposed to all the “polls” that say HILLARY has a 97% chance of winning! I don’t believe ANY of them. I think they’re just trying to disillusion Trump supporters so they’ll not vote for him in desperation. Or they’re “whistling past the graveyard,” hoping they’re right.

SOROS VOTING MACHINES: There are 16 states using Soros-provided voting machines. Some have already been shown to convert Republican votes to Democrat candidates. Are ALL of them set up that way? If George Soros provided them it’s certainly possible, and it’s enough to completely change the results of an election. This is something that needs to be looked into, and quickly!

OBAMA: “NO MAJOR SCANDALS”: He says we have not had a major scandal in his administration, and he’s right. We’ve had a LOT of them. Mostly when he ignored the Constitution and did what he wanted, in SPITE of the constitutional limits on his powers, which he had just violated. Then there’s all the scandals in the Hillary camp, which WAS during his administration. This is typical Obama: make a wild statement that’s false, even though we KNOW it’s false, and defy us to say it’s false.

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