Thursday, October 6, 2016

Judge Reveals His Bias

Judge Kenneth Walker, a Multnomah County (Portland, OR) judge, says, “If I had my way, I'd drop all guns in the ocean.” Thus revealing a bias he should not be allowed to hold, which would PREVENT a fair hearing for ANY gun-related case in his court. He should be summarily removed from the bench. But does anybody think he will be? Not a chance. The very people who appointed him would have to do it, and they are all liberals, as he is. Like most anti-gun fools, he thinks if ALL guns were gone, there'd be no crime. To that I say, what did the cave-man use to victimize another cave-man? How about the sword-wielders in Medieval times? Huh?

ALL WAFFLES, NO GUNS: Don't eat in a Waffle House if you don't want to take a chance on being shot. It seems ALL the Waffle Houses, all over the country, have been declared “gun-free zones.” That means law-abiding people who legally carry guns cannot bring their guns in there when they go there to eat. So a criminal, who SEEKS OUT such places to rob knows he and his ILLEGAL gun is safer robbing people there than in places that allow legal guns. One such Waffle House in Georgia, has been robbed TWICE in recent weeks. Policy didn't work very well, did it?

IMBECILE INVITES IMBECILE: An imbecile who made a film saying, “I Want to Live In A World With NO Guns" was recently invited to the White House by another imbecile who thinks making a law banning guns will make guns disappear. I guess they both believe in the tooth fairy, too. Obama also believes a ONE DEGREE temperature increase in 100 years is a “national emergency,” and that man can actually cause it. Neither are very intelligent. The proof is in their actions.

THOMAS NOT “APPROVED”: I guess you have to be an “approved” black man to be honored by the museum of black achievers. It's called a “black history museum,” but ignores black people whose signal accomplishments do not agree with the politics of the people who decide who to honor and who NOT to honor, That's why Justice Thomas, the most powerful black man in the country as a Justice on the Supreme Court, has been ignored by the museum. Apparently, they don't agree with his rulings. And don't forget that a REPUBLICAN, (who is supposed to be racist, according to Democrats) appointed this black man.

PISSED” INSURANCE COMPANIES: Whoopi Goldberg blames the abject failure of Obamacare on “pissed” insurance companies. And she's right, to a degree. But she doesn't credit the reason they're “pissed.” They're “PISSED” because Obamacare doesn't allow them to make enough money to even stay in business! Just ONE provision is a “recipe for disaster.” That is the one that forces them to accept customers, DESPITE having expensive ailments, BEFORE buying their “insurance.” That makes what they provide “welfare,” not “insurance.” You have to be brainless to do that, and I guess they're not as brainless as Obama thought they'd be. Another factor is that Obamacare has forced rates to DOUBLE and TRIPLE, which is untenable. Any fool can see that, but apparently not Whoopi.

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