Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Punishing A Hero

A firefighter who was the first to arrive at the Townville shootings and “took down” the killer, is now in danger of being forced to spend FIVE YEARS in prison because he was carrying a gun, even though it is a constitutional RIGHT to do so. This is the world we live in, folks, where a hero can be punished for exercising a constitutional right and, by so doing, has angered politicians. Being a first arriver, he could have, himself, been killed by such stupid and unconstitutional laws.

BAN GUNS, END VIOLENCE: Tell me; was there no violence when the “weapon of choice” was a sword, because there were no guns? Or what guns there were were so cumbersome and difficult to use that they had to rely on blades for backup? Anti-gun fools really think if there were no guns, there'd be no more violence. That's the main flaw in their thinking. Another is that CRIMINALS, who disobey laws for a living, will somehow OBEY this law. These people are really stupid if they really believe this crap.

CANADA IS GUN-FREE: So how come there is so much “gun violence” in Ottowa? Their gun violence stats are the highest in their history. How is that POSSIBLE? I thought “no guns meant no violence,” according to the best information coming from the anti-gun fools. That's why I call them fools. Because their entire movement is based on false theories like that, and the whole idea that CRIMINALS, who obey no other laws, will somehow obey this one. These people are really stupid!

ANOTHER “DOG & PONY SHOW”: This time, it's the VICE-president nominees debating. As if their ideas were important. Somehow I remember one former vice-president saying, the office of vice-president is the most useless office in the land, and he was right, and continues to be right. They make him “president of the Senate, (or something like that) to give him a feeling of some importance. But his only function there is to break ties when the rest of them can't agree. His only function as VP is to wait and hope for the president to die, or otherwise be unable to perform his duties as president.

HILLARY'S “BIMBO ERUPTIONS”: Hillary pretends to be “for the women,” saying she “always has been.” except, of course, those women who had been sexual\ly abused, and even RAPED by her husband, Bill. Those, she called, “bimbo eruptions.” How this stacks up with being “for the women,” I have no idea. She hopes the women forget her helping Bill overcome his “zipper down” policy. Feminism “died” during that period, and Hillary is the architect of it's demise. Yet she claims she's “always been for the women.” That's as true as her statement that she never sent or recieved classified information on her personal, unsecure e-mail server. What makes this fool think she has even a CHANCE to become president is a mystery to me.

RULING AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION: The U. S. appeals Court has ruled that states MUST accept the “Syrian refugees” Obama is sending them. I fail to see where it is written into the Constitution that this is so, yet this is how they have “ruled.” The courts have lately made many “rulings” that “fly in the face” of the Constitution, and they are allowed to do so without repercussions. Another recent one is Justice Roy Moore, who told his state they should IGNORE the demands to allow MEN in women's restrooms and changing rooms, and was SUSPENDED for doing so.

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