Tuesday, October 11, 2016

TURNING BLAME AWAY: Whenever Hillary is taken to task about her SUPPORT for her husband's sexual exploits, and her actions in DESTROYING the women he victimized, they accuse him of “attacking her” for his actions while he is not running. Which IGNORES the fact that SHE further victimized these women when any other wife would be incensed at his actions. But of course, since she has “ridden his coattails” for his entire career, she can't be “incensed.” She MUST defend him. And thus, the term “bimbo eruptions” was born.

BLACK PEOPLE ARE RACIST”: That's the next thing I expect liberals to claim: that “black people are only black because white supremacists have to have something to hate.” Of course, there's no other reason for them to be black, ya know. Everything else is racism, of course, even if they have to change the meaning of words in common usage by calling them “code words” for racism. ANY usage of the term “:black” seems to be racism these days, as are many things nobody ever thought of as racism, but which the liberals have made INTO racism.

PHONY MORAL OUTRAGE: The phony moral outrage the Democrat Party is demonstrating because of Trump's eleven-year-old “trash talk” they have unearthed is FUNNY, coming from the people who spent years trying to destroy morality in society, and still are. They LAUDED Bill Clinton and his “zipper down” policy. They told us his sexual exploits WHILE PRESIDENT were unimportant. That sex itself was something not to be considered in politics, because it just didn't matter. That is we didn't like it, we were “old fogeys” and “puritans” who wanted to go back to the days of June cleaver and “The Beav.” Now they're showing phony moral outrage over Trump's “trash talk” from many years ago.

NO INDIVIDUAL RIGHT”: Justice Breyer, a liberal member of the Supreme Court, recently said, on the Charlie Rose show, that the Second Amendment did not guarantee an INDIVIDUAL right. Which is absolutely WRONG, and points up the NEED for the Congress not to allow Obama's appointee to come to a vote, that could “tilt” the Court in a liberal direction, for years. This is a typical liberal attempt to “twist the words” of the Constitution to suit themselves, and it ain't gonna work.

CALLING THEM “TRAMPS”: Joy Behar, cast member of “The view,” a flaming liberal TV show, called the women who accused Bill Clinton of rape or sexual abuse “tramps.” What makes them “tramps?” Their raper is Bill Clinton, husband of their “favorite mommy.” If it were Bill COSBY now, it would be different. Even Bill's wife, Hillary, once said, “Women ought to be believed when they cry rape.” Except, of course, when their raper is her husband. Then they're “tramps.” The difference is “:black and white,” and that doesn't refer to racism.

PUBLICLY HUMILIATED CLINTON”: MSNBC's Chuck Todd, whines that Trump “publicly humiliated Bill Clinton by his “press conference” with several of Bill's rape or sexual abuse victims, and one of Hillary's. Poor baby”! If ANYBODY ever needed to be :humiliated,” it's Bill, since he won't ever be punished in any other way while the “fix is in.” Although I can't say once the “torch is passed.” Bill Clinton used his position many times to sexually abuse, and even rape women with impunity (“allegedly”), since nobody wanted to be the one to accuse him--except for his victims, whose accusations nobody listened to.

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