Sunday, October 16, 2016

Strange Timing

They SAY the only thing Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch talked about on her plane at an Arizona airport after a golf game that doesn't seem to have happened. Strangely, just a few days later FBI Director Comey announced, against the advice of every investigator in the FBI who investigated the case, NOT to prosecute Hillary Clinton, after reciting a litany of her crimes. Hmmm.... if Lynch was a little less frumpy, I might suspect an assignation, but I don't think Bill is that desperate, yet.

EVERY FOUR YEARS: You'd think the American people—or at least, their politicians, would “tumble” to the scam, but they don't. they “fall for it” every time the Democrats come out with an un-provable allegation of sexual impropriety on the part of the Republican candidate. This happens every four years, within WEEKS of the presidential election. And, right on time, they “dig up” an OLD tape of the current GOP candidate saying nasty things, and again, right on time, a bunch of women come “out of the woodwork” and claim such crude, gross, and base things it's impossible to believe ANY man as intelligent as Trump would do.

INCREASE IN VOTING IMMIGRANTS: There has been a significant increase in “permanent resident” immigrants being “naturalized,” just in time to vote for Hillary in the presidential election. Yes, their votes will be legal, since they ARE now citizens. But the upsurge in approvals just before this election, with a majority of them saying they WILL vote for Hillary, is very suspicious. Newly minted citizens should not be allowed to vote in the first election held after their “naturalization” to guard against this indirect voter fraud.

NO “LOST” LAW LICENSE: An AP “fact check” says Trump LIED when he said Clinton “LOST his law license” because he lied to Congress about his sexual escapades. And they're right (mostly). Clinton didn't “lose” his law license, it was TAKEN from him. This is the kind of twisting of the facts you can depend on by the liberal media. Look for more of it as the days go on.

NOT ONE PENNY”: Word is, Hillary won't add “one penny to the national debt." If you believe that, you need your head examined. Hillary is KNOWN for her LIES, and this is one of them. If she is elected, and when she does, she will, like Bill, say, “I tried real hard, but I couldn't do it” when she raises the national debt by a few more $trillions. This is a typical Democrat LIE. A “promise” that you can DEPEND on will not be kept.

TRUMP'S NOT STUPID: To commit the crude sexual abuses several women describe would be STUPID for a man in his position. And Trump is NOT stupid. He has proved that all his life. He has made money at times when others were going broke. That's not stupidity. Additionally, Trump is rich enough that he could have as much sex as he wanted, any time. I'm sure there are many women who would go with him, any time he nodded his head. And that includes some of those who have accused him of sexual misconduct. Many of which might have been refused in THEIR advances and are now twisting it.

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