Friday, October 7, 2016

Left Hates Free Thought

Leonardo DiCaprio proves again that the left deplores free thought. He says, “People who don't believe in climate change should not be allowed to hold public office!” And just who should have the power to decide who can, and can't run for office? You, and other “climate change fools” just can't answer the intelligent questions asked about “climate change,” so you want to shut off the debate. That's a typical liberal response. If you can't answer the questions, just shut up the questioner.

WHY THE HELL NOT? The liberal media is criticizing the NRA for “opening it's coffers” to support Trump's presidential candidacy. As if that were something WRONG! What FOOLS these people be! NRA has already come out for Trump, and a majority of it's millions of members favor him (I certainly do), so why the hell SHOULDN'T they spend money to help him get elected? One Democrat candidate ran an ad where she cited the many reasons why we shouldn't like her opponent. One problem: every “reason” was more reasons TO vote for her opponent, who was a conservative. And she really thinks we hate those things, too!

SENDING US CRIMINALS, MURDERERS: Rapists, too! That's what the liberal media is accusing Trump of saying. And it's TRUE! He DID say it, and it's true! Of course, they ignore that, in the same breath he said that MOST of the people they send us are good, decent people, so as to make his statement seem to be nasty. But that's the way they operate. Emphasize the bad things, and ignore the good. They ARE sending us criminals, rapists, and murderers! Along with the “good people.” He said that! But they ignore it.

IF THAT'S ALL THEY'VE GOT: The liberal media is giving Trump a hard time over his mispronouncing of the name of the State of Nevada. If that's all they've got to complain about, Trump is in VERY good shape. They're desperate. They're trying everything they can think of, and missing every time. Trump is going to be our next president, whether they like it or not. So I guess they'll have a four year “free-for-all” giving him a hard time. Maybe 8 years. Like they did with Reagan. It didn't do them any good then, either.

WHAT A BELLY LAUGH! Thanks, Michelle! I really needed a good belly laugh with what's going on lately, mostly because of the ineffective and stupid policies your husband puts out, and the terrible results. You said you support Hillary because “We need someone who's honest and plays by the rules for president.” What's so funny about that is the fact that Hillary is the FURTHEST from such a person as you could imagine unless we elected a Mafia Don president! She's the most DISHONEST person EVER to run for president, and she thinks the rules are for OTHERS, but not for her!

OBAMA: 55% APPROVAL: I don't believe it. I don't believe there are that many STUPID people in America! I'm counting on it for the upcoming election. If it IS true, we're DOOMED! We will soon be the “Union of Soviet Socialist America.” I think it is the misreading of America, taking polls in areas they KNOW will give them the result they want. Like taking a poll about Trump in the lobby of the Democrat National Committee. Yes, that's an exaggeration, but not much. They take most of their polls in liberal strongholds, and they're guaranteed to get the results they want.

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