Sunday, October 23, 2016

No Voter Fraud!

Reuters says, “There is no voter fraud, and to say so makes you a Russian agent.” I guess that's one way to cover up a crime: just accuse everybody who calls them on it a “Russian spy, or something else nasty.” Way too many UNINFORMED voters will believe it. Another method they're using is to make even TALKING about something (like Islamic terrorism) a “crime.” Then people are afraid to even TALK about it. It's unconstitutional as hell, but Obama has shown he cares not about constitutional prohibitions on his actions.

AFRAID FOR HIS LIFE: Kim Jong Un is reportedly in fear for his life, as rumors of an assassination attempt run around. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't happened before; to him, AND Obama, considering what they do on a regular basis. There's talk of a coup in the United States to unseat Obama, and I'm also surprised it took people this long to even TALK about it, considering that he's been “riding roughshod” over the whole country. (Source: CNN. So take it with a huge grain of salt)

TWISTING THE FACTS: The anti-gun fools make a “big thing” about America being the TOP country in gun ownership. But they omit the next stat. The one that says we aren't even the TOP TEN in gun deaths! That's another way they twist the facts to make us believe what is, essentially, a LIE. America only ranks ELEVENTH in terms of gun deaths. At the top of the list of gun death countries is Honduras, with several Latin-Ameican countries making up most of the rest of the top ten. The stats noted in the Telegraph article come from The Small Arms Survey and the 2012 Congressional Research Service Report.

HMMM....FUNNY! Isn't it funny that the very same people who are telling us Trump would be a bad president are the SAME PEOPLE who told us Obama would be a good president? Seems to me they're Democrats, trying to mess with our minds, and demoralize us. They're hoping they can CON us into voting for Hillary, who IS a TERRIBLE choice for president. Unless, of course, you WANT to lose your freedom and live under a communist-like system—until it collapses, as it WILL. But probably not in your lifetime. They're good at sucking money from other socialist countries that haven't yet collapsed, to stay in business a while longer.

IT'S NOT LEFT OR RIGHT: Not the kind of “left or right” they want you to believe it is, anyway. They want you to believe Naziism is the ultimate far right. it is NOT. Nazis are SOCIALISTS! It is recognized in the words Nazi stands for: “National SOCIALISM!” Actually, if you insist on the left-right narrative, there is something BAD at both ends. On the left, it's collectivism (socialism, communism), where you don't own ANYTHING, and are told what you can, and cannot do, every day. On the right is ANARCHY, where any “warlord” can “take over” if he's strong enough, and many innocent people DIE in the process. ISIS is such a “warlord” outfit. Do you want either of those?

95% CHANCE OF WINNING: That's what Reuters says abut Hillary. Frankly, I think they're just “whistling past the graveyard.” They're so afraid she's going to lose, they're wetting their pants. And they're putting out BS like this in hopes of demoralizing some of Trump's followers by making them think Trump has little chance of winning, so why vote for him? Meanwhile, Trump still fills stadiums with supporters, while Hillary has to PAY people to attend her rallies so she can make it LOOK like there are more people there than there are.

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