Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Out of Touch Candidate"

A candidate for Congress in Colorado is running ads detailing what she thinks is WRONG about the Republican candidates. Top on her list is they “oppose Planned Parenthood.” Next, that they oppose Obamacare. There's more, but these two are TELLING. Anybody who opposes murdering babies, I'm FOR. Same with those who oppose Obama's abortion,. Obamacare. And every other thing she noted is just as bad.

IT SHOULDN'T MATTER”: VP “Biteme” has “run off at the mouth” again. He says, “Bill Clinton's indiscretions shouldn't matter because he 'paid a price' for them.” WRONG! They keep trying to say we're talking just about Bill's sexual abuses, but we're NOT. We're talking about Hillary's reaction to them, her efforts to destroy those who accused him, as evidence of her complete INABILITY to reason. Of course, that's because they can't answer questions about that, and they want to divert our attention away from it.

DESTROY THE GUN INDUSTRY? That's what Hillary wants to do. Not a chance! There are MILLIONS, if not BILLIONS of guns, already in the United States, most of which will disappear if she ever tried—until time came to use them, that is. The knife industry would thrive, also the club and sap industry, and all kinds of other industries making weapons. The cops won't have guns because they MUST obey even stupid laws, so the “bad guys” would reign supreme, while those same politicians would still have their armed security, getting their guns from foreign sources, like the criminals do.

DADS DEMAND GUNS”: Who is it that must investigate that “strange noise” heard in the middle of the night by the woman of the house? Nor her. HE will have to go out and risk his life with his golf club or baseball bat in hand, while if it's a burglar, he may have a gun. So Dad wants his own gun. And he is guaranteed the RIGHT to have it. It is that right stupid politicians want to take away from us while retaining it for themselves. What drives these fools to do that, besides stupidity? I don't know. They THINK they're making it harder for criminals, while they're actually making it EASIER for them to intimidate us, since all their laws only DISARM law-abiding people.

JUST ASK THEIR FAMILIES: Hillary Clinton just doesn't care about the lives lost in Benghazi, or anywhere else, due to her INCOMPETENCE. When asked about her indifference the night four brave Americans were brutally murdered in Benghazi, Libya, she infamously “got her back up” and said, “What DIFFERENCE does it make?” Therefore revealing her complete INDIFFERENCE to their deaths. Which makes a LOT of difference to those murdered, and their families. She may not care, but millions of Americans do. And she's going to find out, the hard way, in November.

IS COMEY HONEST? FBI Director Comey has a reputation for being “painfully honest” while he spends his time in a “den of thieves (not the FBI, Washington, DC)” But his recent actions show he is VERY susceptible to either intimidation, or bribing from political sources. He went out in public and recited a litany of CRIMES, of which Hillary Clinton is guilty, then announced that he will not recommend she be prosecuted for them, because “she didn't mean it.” Of course, the AG went right along with it, after a short visit from Bill Clinton. When has that ever mattered, when crimes were committed? Only to the corrupt, apparently. Those in the FBI who did the “investigation” are INCENSED at his refusal to hold her responsible for her CRIMES and a “revolution” there is brewing.

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