Monday, October 10, 2016

"We're Short-Staffed"

That's the answer given to the victim in a burglary that went off without a hitch in the HOUR it took the cops to respond to a “burglary in progress” call recently when later he asked for the cops to drive by his house a little more often, just to “keep an eye on things. You wonder why they're “short-staffed” when any cop on the street has a TARGET painted on his back by the “Black Lives Matter” fools? I certainly wouldn't apply for a police position, knowing that. That's not cowardice, it's just good judgment.

DREAM ON, GABBY: Gabby Giffords, the former member of Congress who got shot in the head, but not killed, says, “The beginning of the end of the end of gun violence begins here and now.” Dream on, Gabby! Boy, she must have really got her brains scrambled by that bullet! If she really thinks she can “end gun violence” with the insipid, USELESS “gun laws” she is pushing, she really needs to have her head examined. The laws she pushes only make life easier for the criminals, who don't OBEY laws, because it disarms their victims, the law-abiding people who DO.

BLOOMBERG, POUND SAND!” That's what they told former NYC Mayor Bloomberg when he tried to get a measure to institute a “universal background check”” passed in Maine and Nevada. The majority of sheriffs in those states told him it wouldn't do ANYTHING to “stem gun violence,” and to 'go pound sand.” Something like he was told in Colorado recently when he tried to meddle in OUR local gun affairs. Bloomberg should go back to New York, and stop meddling in the local affairs of other states. He needs a new hobby.

BACON GREASE DIPPED BULLETS: It's a fine idea, and one I've been talking about for some time. The fools who claim to be Muslims who like to KILL people who don't buy their phony “religion” FEAR pigs, and anything related to them. If they were faced with opponents firing bullets dipped in bacon grease, it would scare them to death. It's an excellent idea, but, of course, the Alabama police chief who suggested it is “under fire” from local Muslims who are frightened that is might just come true.

YOU'D BE IN JAIL!” That's what Trump told Hillary at the second debate. And, of course, her supporters are painting it as the statement of a would-be dictator who thinks he can jail his opponents if he wins. Never mind that, if the Democrats didn't control the “justice system,” she would ALREADY be in jail, not running for president. She has committed so many crimes, it's becoming harder and harder for Obama and “the boys” to protect her. And, of course, she's scared to death he WILL win because she knows she WILL go to jail if he wins.

ASK ABOUT E-MAILS: Trump took co-moderator Anderson Cooper to task at the second presidential candidate's debate for not asking a question about the biggest scandal in Hillary's life, and Cooper didn't have an answer. He tried valiantly to change the subject, but Trump pushed it to embarrassing proportions—and still didn't get an answer. That's how you beat Democrats. Ask them publicly about the topics they refuse to cover. Then you'll see plenty of red faces.

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