Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Getting Away With It

The HHS has refused to investigate the government's “fast-tracking” of visas for Hillary's brother. The “fix” is solidly in, folks! I wonder how long that will last after Trump wins the election and becomes president. They keep saying Hillary is “the most experienced” person to have ever tun for president. Oh? Monica Lewinsky had a LOT of “exposure” to the presidency (if you can call giving a president oral sex “experience”). She's probably the only woman to give her NAME to that “sexual experience.”I doubt Hillary ever had that kind of “experience.” Which is probably one reason why Bill looked elsewhere.

CAN'T HANDLE IT”: Trump got criticism from Hillary because he said PTSD was only suffered by guys who “can't handle” the war. And he's right. The PTSD is prima facie evidence of that. And that's not a criticism of those men. Some people are just not predisposed to handle what they see in wars. My own brother is a good example. He returned from 4 years in the Marine Corps with it. He did what he had to do, but it affected him, greatly. He's never been the same, since. That doesn't mean I don't love him. I just recognize the truth, as apparently Hillary does not.

BRUSHING OFF KAINE'S INTERRUPTIONS: While still “Raking Trump over the coals” for interrupting Hillary, they “brush off” Tim Kaine's many interruptions of Mike Pence during the VP debate. Which obviously shows the complete capitulation of the liberal media to Hillary. They don't have anything REAL to come at Trump with, so they concentrate on things like interrupting, and legally paying no income taxes for years, while Hillary does the same. They're scared to death that Trump might win, and set back their march toward socialism a few years. Even though they have many liberal bureaucrats in government, to continue it, no matter who is president.

PENCE WON THE DEBATE! And that's according to liberal commentator on MSNBC, Chris Matthews! Imagine the horror at MSNBC to hear their “bought-and-paid-for” liberal commentator say such a thing. I'll be surprised if he doesn't announce his “retirement” soon. You just don't double cross liberals like that and not lose your job. I'm surprised Matt Lauer still has a job. In any case, the Hillary camp is very worried. They can see “the handwriting on the wall” and are scrambling to counteract it.

THEY CALL IT CONSERVATISM: But that's not necessarily so. They call me a conservative, but I'm not. There are some conservative positions I do not support. Neither am I a Libertarian, although I used to be. But I don't fully agree with either position. I'm a “rational individualist.” I make up my own mind, based on what people DO, not what they SAY. Hillary, for instance, says she doesn't want to take our guns. But everything she DOES points to the fact she does. She says she's not a socialist. But everything she proposes, such as free this and free that, reveals that she IS. Trump may be a boor and a braggart, but I still think he can reverse the Democrat march toward socialism. For that possibility, I'll vote for him.

KNEE-JERK RESPONSE: A man in a gorilla suit ran onto a football field wearing a shirt that said, “ALL Lives Matter.” Sports commentators automatically, and unanimously labeled him a “racist.” Then the security men who tackled him pulled off his mask and revealed that he was black. How can a black man be racist against blacks? That's a liberal's “knee-jerk response” to certain stimuli, “All Lives Matter" being one of them that had been “beat into” liberals ever since the “BLACK Lives Matter” fools started their scam to demonize the cops.

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