Monday, October 17, 2016

Many Accusations Proof?

Democrats insist that the sheer NUMBER of accusers of Trump's sexual abuses is proof they are true. That's silly. What it IS, is a calculated attempt, on the part of the Democrats withe help of the liberal media, to destroy the Republican candidate, finding as many women as they can willing to falsely accuse him for whatever reason: their “15 minutes of fame,” money, promises of well-paid positions in a Democrat-run government, whatever. They can't win on the issues, so they come up with this kind of “bottom-feeder” tactics, hoping to obscure references to their candidate's crimes or shortcomings. It happens every 4 years.

HILLARY'S MENTAL PROBLEMS? She answered 25 questions under oath, as required by the court, and answered 20 QUESTIONS of the 25 asked with an “I don't recall.” which tells me she has definite memory problems such as that of someone with beginning Alzheimer's, or she is just LYING to cover up her crimes. Or maybe she's using drugs, as Trump suggests, to bolster her “response time” in the debate. Or maybe just to “escape” her many troubles. In any of those cases, she should not be allowed NEAR the Oval Office, even as a visitor.

NRA “UNREASONABLE”: Apparently, anybody who doesn't abandon their principles and “come around” to Hillary's way of thinking is “unreasonable.” That's what she calls the NRA for opposing her gun control foolishness. She doesn't even think about the fact that she and the NRA have COMPLETELY opposing positions. Hers are to VIOLATE the Constitution while that of the NRA is to OBEY the Constitution. There is NO ROOM for compromise, there, but she doesn't see it.

PROTECTING GUN RIGHTS: “BULLYING?” That's what Democrat Elanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) thinks. But it seems to me that attempting to take away our gun rights is more like bullying. She objected to attempts to return gun rights to DC residents put forth by two Republicans, suggesting that ANY attempt to champion gun rights is “bullying.” What part of RIGHTS does she not understand? This is the kind of fool Democrats elect, and there are too many of them in office. We need to get rid of them.

MINIMUM WAGE “GOOD?” Colorado Governor Hooperdink is pushing raising the minimum wage to $12.00 an hour in increments. He calls this “responsible,” and says minimum wage workers will spend more, making things better for Colorado business. What he fails to realize is that, with the small profit margins in most businesses, such an increase in labor costs will cause them to have to FIRE many workers, and some to just go out of business. Where then, will their FORMER employees get “more money” to spend?

LIBERAL LUNACY: They're now saying, “science must be scrapped.” The very thing that tells us the TRUTH about things must be eliminated! Riiiight! They can't seem to face reality, so we must eliminate reality. That's how liberals “think,” if you can call that “thinking.” That's just one more reason to get these fools OUT of politics. When they get the power to INSTITUTE their fool ideas, they do it, and we all suffer.

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