Sunday, October 9, 2016

"Accidentally" Told the Truth

Joe Scarboro and the “Morning Joe” crew said Bill Clinton “accidentally told the truth” about Obamacare. He could have left off the last two words and he would havestill been right. If Bill told the truth about ANYTHING, it would be an accident. Just as much of an accident if his wife ever told the truth about anything. I don't think either of them are physically capable of telling the truth, on purpose. I don't know if they even recognize the truth!

INFLUENCING VOTES: The cast of “Empire” (whatever THAT is) says if I don't vote for Hillary, I'm a racist. I guess I'm a racist, then. That is, if the cast of some obscure, and mostly unknown silly show can make it true by saying so, anyway. There are way too many liberals these days trying to DICTATE what is, and what is NOT, racism to suit themselves and their opinions. These are the same kind of people who want to make being a “global warming denier” a criminal offense, and one that prohibits those who do from holding political office. In other words, stupid people.

LIBS OUTNUMBER CONSERVATIVES: Among college professors, by 12 to 1! Is it any wonder why you send your innocent children to college conservatives and they come back flaming liberals? Conservative leaning professors are outnumbered on campus by a figure of 12 to 1! So your kids come back unrecognizable, thinking the most outrageous things, all taught them by their liberal professors. I didn't go to college, which is why I remain a free thinker, whose thinking is uncontrolled by the liberal trolls. They fooled themselves by making college just too costly for me and many others, most of which are still conservatives.

HURRICANE IS RACIST”: You can't make this stuff up, folks! A Tweet from a “Black Lives Matter” member says the hurricane is racist because it killed and injured so many black people in Haiti. Does this fool not know that's the only people who LIVE in Haiti? Yes, maybe a few white people live there, too. But the majority who live there are black. So who IS the hurricane going to kill or injure in Haiti? Some people just want ANY excuse to holler “racism,” I guess. Damn, there are sure a bunch of stupid people out there!

MOUNTAIN OF A MOLEHILL: Everybody's spent the entire day dissecting Trump's “sexual comments” made eleven years ago to a friend, in private. What the hell's the big deal? Show me a man who hasn't had that exact same conversation at least once in his life, and I'll show you a eunuch. I've had one, a long time ago, and I didn't mean a word of it. It was just “trash talk,” which young men engage in all the time. They're really getting desperate if that's all they've got. Remember, the only alternative is Hillary (shudder!).

DADS DEMAND GUNS: ”Because it's my ass that has to go see what that noise was.” When the wife wakes up and hears a noise, she does not go to find out what it was. I do. So do I go out there with nothing to use to defend myself if somebody who shouldn't be there is there, and has an ILLEGAL gun? Anti-gun fools say I should “just go back to bed and ignore it.” Safer that way. Also it gives the interloper free rein to steal my belongings, and maybe even come to my bedroom later and kill me. And my wife. No, sir. Not me. I'm going to go out there with my LEGAL gun in my hand, and KILL the SOB if I have to, to defend myself, and my family.

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