Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Scare Rhetoric"

Hillary calls Trump's talking abut “ripping babies from the womb” nothing but “scare rhetoric.” Of course, she is in favor of all sorts of baby murder. It's not just “scare rhetoric.” It's an accurate description of what happens to the baby in a “late-term abortion.” Not so with the anti-gun fools running ads showing babies with their hand on a gun. Other kinds of abortion involve piercing the baby's skull to kill it, then “ripping it apart” to get it out of the womb. Then selling the parts for more money. They never let the mother see the pile of baby parts, so she won't have an image in her brain of her child, “ripped to pieces.”

THE CON GOES WELL: Obama “has been able to circumvent Congress on climate change,” according to Kerry. They're both obviously “in it” up to their necks. They CAN'T be dumb enough to believe that bullsh-t, so they've got to be running another con to extort more money out of us and gain even more power. In many ways, “wiser heads have prevailed.” Except that Obama “was able to circumvent them.”

JUST AS PREDICTED: I, an many others, predicted that when On=bama sent Iran a big bundle of cash to obtain the release of their captives, he was “opening the door” to further extortion attempts. And right on schedule, Iran is DEMANDING $billions for the release of others of their captives.Can other “rogue regimes” be far behind? Of course, Obama says that's “just a coincidence.” He will NEVER admit his incompetence is at fault.

BITE ME'S PISSED! VP “Biteme” thinks he would “Take Trump behind the gym” if he was in charge. Right—and he'd get his butt whipped, too. I think he has no idea what he's dealing with, with Trump. Trump isn't going to stand by and let it happen. He's going to fight back, and he usually wins. So “Biteme” better start keeping his pie hole shut. Or Trump is going to shut it for him. This isn't some “schoolyard scuffle.” mess with Trump and you're going to suffer, one way or the other.

ALWAYS A PHONY EXCUSE: Nancy Peelosi says, Trump supporters are only supporting him because they “don't want to pay their 'fair share' in taxes.” What a phony this broad is! She just can't (or don't want to)understand that his supporters are TIRED of what the Democrats have given them and want something different. Trump promises that, so they'll vote for him. And it has nothing to do with taxes, most of which are paid by “the rich,” anyway.

WHY NEVER REPUBLICANS? A “calibration error” converted GOP votes to Democrat votes. Imagine his surprise when Republican state Rep. candidate Jim Moynihan cast a vote for himself in Schaumberg, IL, and the machine cast the vote for his opponent. Then it continued to happen when other Republicans voted.. This is a very simple election fraud, and I'll bet it's going on, all over the country. Republicans would be well-advised to look very closely at their local voting places to make sure this is not happening there: My question is this: why, when this kind of fraud is found, is it always the DEMOCRATS who benefit? I think you know the answer. They're behind it. This is just one way they steal elections. (Source: Minuteman News)

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