Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Reid's October Surprise

Just in time, Harry Reid again comes up with a “damaging accusation” on the Republican candidate. That is, it would be damaging if it were true. Just like with his four years ago (just before the election) accusation that Romney had not paid his taxes in ten years (unsupported by facts, of course, and later DISPROVED), he has now come up with what an “unnamed person” has told him about a Trump campaign manager accepting money in Trump’s behalf to say “good things” about Putrid….er, uh, Putin. Equally unsupported by facts, but the FBI is taking it seriously enough to start an “inquiry” into it, just in time to affect the election, if any uninformed fools believe it, and change their vote.

YOU GOT NUTHIN’ ON ME!” Criminals always say this. And, true to form, Clinton is saying it, hoping against hope it comes true. They’ve been trying to find evidence of her crimes for years, and she and Bill have been so adept at covering it up, they can’t find it. They thought they had 650,000 e-mails hidden on Huma Abeden’s laptop, where nobody would ever think to look for them. But she didn’t plan on Huma’s sleazebag husband’s sexting to reveal them during his investigation. So now they’re out there, and I’d BET they’ll find incriminating information in them. She’s “protesting too much, and trying to incriminate the FBI director.

MURDERERS BREAK GUN LAWS! That’s what they found in Texas when they asked convicted MURDERERS about how they got their guns, and if they passed a background check. In all cases, they ignored the law. Surprise, surprise! Somebody bent on committing MURDER ignored a little thing like a law saying they couldn’t have guns! I swear! Some of these “studies” amaze me in the STUPIDITY of their goals, AND their “findings! They spend a lot of time and money to find out things I could have told them, and usually do, every day, if they LISTENED.

THEY HATE HATE: But Hillary supporters don’t consider taunting and assaulting a homeless woman who was peacefully sitting next to Trump’s “Walk of Fame” star to be hate. And the media ignores it. Can you imagine the fallout in the liberal media if the harassers were Trump supporters and that homeless woman a Hillary supporter? Apparently, hate is not hate when demonstrated by liberals! It really makes me laugh (if it weren’t so serious) when a liberal talks about hate, while assaulting and taunting an innocent, homeless woman for supporting Trump.

DEADLIEST WEEKEND OF 2016: Chicago has some of the tightest gun laws in the nation. Some so tight they have been declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. Yet, at the same time they have the highest “gun violence” stats in the nation. Why is that? Because the laws they pass only HELP the criminals, who never OBEY them while their victims DO! Last weekend was the deadliest weekend, EVER in Chicago, with 17 dead and countless others wounded. The anti-gun fools never even TRY to tell us why that is. They just ignore it and keep on making their USELESS laws that get honest people killed.

FORCING CHRISTIANS TO PAY: One of the more abominable things Hillary promises to do is FORCE Christians to pay for abortions in other countries. One more reason NOT to vote for her. That may be her plan, but she’ll never get a chance to implement it, since she’s going to LOSE in a landslide! Trump is going to “turn Washington upside-down!” They point that out as a BAD thing, but it is a GOOD thing! And Hillary is going to be holding the “dirty end of the stick.”

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