Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spendthrift Obama

Obama let it be known that he wanted to play a round of golf with Tiger Woods. I guess he really likes men who cheat on their wives and have suffered for it. So he gets his wish, and spends $3.6 MILLION to o it. Another example of how he spends our money like water for his own enjoyment, not for government business. You say he needs all that security and communications gear to be with him at all times? You’d think he’d take that into account. But he doesn’t care. He (and his wife) is “on the gravy train” and they’re going to play it for all it’s worth, as long as he can.

FLAWED REASONING: The whole anti-gun narrative is based on many cases of flawed reasoning. First off, the idea that “Getting rid of guns will end crime.” Crime didn’t begin with the invention of the gun, and eliminating them (if that were even possible) , CANNOT “end crime.” Then the idea that passing a LAW will make CRIMINALS, who don’t obey laws, by definition, will somehow obey this one. That’s pure fantasy! Then there’s the idea that they CAN “get rid of guns.” How are they going to get rid of the MILLIONS of illegal guns already out there? There are many more examples of their flawed thinking, but I just don’t have room here to list them all.

PHONY GLOBAL WARMING: Obama has “invested” $billions of dollars of OUR money (not his) in global warming (Oh, I forgot. They now call it “climate change” because the “globe” hasn’t been warming for almost 20 years, so they could attribute ANY weather anomaly to it.) Global warming/climate change has been debunked many times, in many ways, but they keep on pushing this phony narrative and spending OUR money on it, hoping for a return of MORE money to their coffers, some of which, I’m sure, will find its way into their pockets. Global warming is one of the biggest, and most successful CONS ever, and has made AlGore a BILLIONAIRE. Now Obama is pushing it, hoping to also cash in.

SPIKE IN ILLEGALS: There has been a spike in the number of illegal aliens coming into this country, “just in time” to vote in the election, for a Democrat. And guess which Democrat they’re going to vote for, for president? Hillary, of course! The Democrats are working very hard to make sure as many of them vote as possible. From opposing requiring a picture ID to vote, on specious reasons, to showing them how to vote in several districts, under different names.

NOWHERE TO GO: Russians could emigrate to America to escape communism (socialism). Cuba could also come here. But if we lose to socialism, there’s nowhere else to go. The subtle “siren song” of socialism is so strong for gullible people (including politicians) that it is the form of government in use in almost ALL countries, BUT America (yet). I don’t know of ANY country that has a better system of government than we still have (mostly). So if we lose it because of the gullibility of our young people (and many older ones, too), where do we go?

CAN’T UNDERSTAND: The State Department just can’t understand why Iran would think we’d pay ransom for the freeing of some hostages. Why, indeed? Maybe that pallet full of money ($400 BILLION in CASH)  we PAID for the release of four hostages might have had something to do with it. Actually, I think state doesn’t WANT to understand, so they don’t have to answer to the American people for DOING it. Now it’s known we WILL pay ransom, we can count on an “uptick” in American citizens being “taken hostage” by other “rogue nations” besides Iran, as well as Iran. That’s a prediction.

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