Thursday, October 13, 2016

Supreme Court Justices

The next president is probably going to get to appoint up to 4 Supreme Court Justices, which will affect the populace for the next 20 to 40 years or more. If Hillary is elected, her choices will be a singular disaster for this country. If Trump is elected, we may get four more conservatives on the court, which is a good thing, and will keep the liberals from “packing the Court” with liberals for the foreseeable future. Liberals have screwed up this country like Hogan's goat, and we don't need any more of it. They keep saying trump is bad for the country, but they can't say why. Because there IS no “why.”

ABORTION IS A “RIGHT?” That's what Hillary and the other liberals think. Since when has murdering babies for the “convenience” of the parents been a “right?” I know, since “Roe v, Wade,” which was one of the worst mistakes the court has ever made, and should be reversed, forthwith. It has been responsible for the deaths of millions of helpless, innocent infants. They say it's “about a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body.” It is NOT. If it was, prostitution would be legal. Really, it IS about that baby's right to LIVE.

PILING ON: There's never a shortage of willing women to “pile on” whenever a celebrity is accused of anything sexual. Women who haven't said a WORD for years (apparently) after the supposed event. So naturally, after the “scandal” of trump allegedly saying nasty things about women, “out of the woodwork” comes woman after woman claiming he sexually abused them, long ago. Nobody, apparently, from RECENTLY seem to :come forward,” though. In the case of Clinton though, he is a KNOWN sex freak, which makes their claims much more believable.

FREE COLLEGE COURSE: Something REALLY for free! Nobody will ever sell your contact information OR try to sell you something if you contact the Hillsdale College to take their online FREE course on the Constitution. They know that many people have no idea what the Constitution says, even though it is the very BASIS for ALL our laws. A law can't be made that doesn't conform to it, and the Supreme Court is there for one purpose, and one purpose only: to make sure the laws conform to the Constitution. Schools no longer teach our kids about the Constitution, since the liberals took complete control over everything. I don't need to give you a link. Just Google “free constitution course” and you can find it.

COPS BREAKING THE LAW: After many years of police politicians HIDING their “gun confiscation” efforts by calling it by a different name, they've now started coming right out and dedicating entire UNITS to gun confiscation. Some even have squad cars MARKED “gun confiscation unit.” That their very confiscation efforts are UNCONSTITUTIONAL doesn't seem to matter to them. They do it, anyway. And they apparently no longer care if we know it.

NEVER HEARD IT”: Michelle Obama “piles on,” saying she “Never heard anybody saying the things Trump is accused of saying as 'locker room talk,' and to say so is an insult to every man.” Apparently Michelle has led a VERY “sheltered life” and has never heard some of the things just the 'rap stars” she invites to the White House have said, in PUBLIC, and in the words to their “:songs.” I'm a man, and I'VE heard such talk, many times. She's LYING to make Trump look worse. But that's to be expected of a Democrat.

TO THE GUTTER”: That's priceless! This is really funny! You can't make this stuff up, folks! Hillary is worried about Trump “taking the campaign to the gutter” after SHE already took it to the gutter. It's yet another example of Democrats accusing their opponents of what they, themselves, are doing. It's something they do, all the time. But usually not at the same time they're DOING it. They're getting really cocky, folks. They seem to no longer care if we see through their tactics and scams.

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