Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Gun Seller Welcomes Obama

They did it with a huge billboard right on the flight path Air force One would travel in order to land at a Chicago airport, welcoming the nation's best gun salesman. Do you suppose he saw it? Doubtful. Obama doesn't pay any attention to what's going on around him unless it involves a golf ball. But I'm sure others did, and told him about it, which is just as good. They're thanking him for creating the “largest open-air gun spree, ever” with his emphasis on the gun in all his anti-gun laws.

NOT VOTING FOR HILLARY”: Glenn Beck says he's not voting for Hillary in November. But he might as well, the way he's been knocking Trump. He hasn't said so, but I think he's going to just “stay home” on election day, which, for him, is as good as a vote for Hillary. I used to like and respect Glenn. But after some of his recent statements and actions (not just about Trump), I'm wondering if he's “all there.”

REFUSING TO SUFFER FOOLS: I've always refused to suffer fools gladly, and that's what I call this student who's hawking a hoodie that says, “All White People Are Racist.” Selling such a clothing item with this message is the work of a fool, AND a racist. Some people say black people can't be racist, but they're wrong, as this fool proves. Yes, they can't be racist against blacks, but they CAN against WHITES. And this kind of racism is growing by leaps and bounds, helped along by “Black Lives Matter” and Barack Obama's silly pronouncements.

NEVER DID A THING: The Democrats knew about Trump's “trash talk” in 2005, but he was a Democrat, then. So they did nothing about it. As they usually do when faced with something like that involving a Democrat. But now Trump is a Republican, and in danger of becoming president, NOW they “trot it out” and cry “crocodile tears” over it, all the time still trying to destroy morality in this country. Liberals claim to have “never heard anything like that,” but, as usual, that's a lie.

EVERY CHANCE THEY GET: Global warming acolytes use everything they can to try and convince us that global warming (now known as “climate change' because the old name wasn't working any more), caused by man, is a “real thing.” “Climate change” IS a “real thing,” but it is NOT caused by man. The reason the old name no longer works is because the “globe” has NOT been “warming” for almost 20 years. And the very idea that MAN could cause it is the idea of a FOOL. Of course, now Hillary is saying that the recent hurricane was more destructive BECAUSE of “global warming” (or whatever they call it).

ANNOUNCING THEIR IGNORANCE: It amazes me how many ignorant people there are in this country. It amazes me even more how many of them willingly announce their ignorance for the world to see. Like the college professor who was heard to say, “I'd rather see my son interact with drugs than with the police.” Now if that isn't the most ignorant thing to say, I'll lick the bottom of your ash tray! Reminds me of Glenn Beck saying that he was”considering” voting for Hillary Clinton at one time. Though he has come to his senses and now announces that he will not. Of course, he didn't say he'd vote for Trump, but lack of a vote for Trump IS a vote for Hillary, since he's the only other choice they've left us.

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