Sunday, October 30, 2016

"It's Not A Right!"

That’s what they say in England about gun ownership. They say it’s a “privilege.” Which means it can be given or taken away by the politicians. Of course, they don’t have a Second Amendment in England, so they know NOTHING about a human right to self defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun. They say “the NRA is always coming up with new ways to be nasty,” completely ignoring the fact that the NRA is protecting a right GUARANTEED by the Constitution, which is the BASIS for all our laws.

CREATING A CRIME WAVE: It’s becoming more and more clear that Obama wants to do as much DAMAGE to this country as he can, as long as he can. So he’s releasing as many criminals from prison on specious reasons, as he can. Earlier this month he released 102 criminals, many of them with gun convictions. Then just the other day he released another 98 , and 19.8% of them had gun convictions. This action GUARANTEES a significant rise in the crime rate, especially the GUN crime rate, as those “career criminals” continue to ply their trade.

OUR DELUSIONAL PRESIDENT: Obama is “taking victory laps” because he thinks he has “saved the economy.” If increasing the national debt to almost $20 TRILLION is “saving the economy,” please STOP “saving the economy,” Barack! Many millions of unemployed, many of whom have given up on EVER finding another job is NOT ”saving the economy,” I don’t want it. And when the new applications for unemployment rise to 260,000, I don’t want that, either. Every indicator I’ve seen shows that Obama is LYING and trying to convince the country of something that’s just NOT TRUE. And he wants Hillary to “continue his work.”

LOTTA DRINKIN’ GOIN’ ON: Did you know that, during Hillary’s stint as Sec. Of State, the State Dept. spent $5.4 million dollars on “crystal stem ware?” And they tell us the “rich,” who pay 86% of all income taxes paid, “don’t pay their fair share!” What the hell do they THINK is their “fair share?” 100%? They’ve almost got the entire country believing that LIE, through repetition, but not those of us who pay attention. Maybe if our politicians stopped boozin’ they could get something good done. Naaah! The ones we’ve got now aren’t smart enough.

PAYBACK CITY: Hillary says something like the FBI reopening the criminal investigation against her just before the election is “unprecedented.” Maybe in her addled state she can’t remember the late accusations against George Bush (the elder) she caused to happen that cost Bush re-election 24 years ago. Poor Hillary. It’s bad when somebody as old as she is forgets things. But her lack of memory is so TIMELY! I think it’s just her “selective memory” in all things that could hurt her.

ADD IT TO THE PILE: Todd Starnes reports that somebody dumped a load of manure in front of an Ohio Democrat headquarters. WTF? You’re supposed to dump it on the piles out back! You know, the crap they throw at their opponents, especially Donald Trump. Now they have to send a DEMOCRAT out to clean it up and take it out back. Must have been a Republican dropped it, if he didn’t know where it went.

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