Monday, October 3, 2016

Voter ID Issue

It's a phony issue. They talk as if blacks can't afford to get a picture ID, which is a racist position that assumes that all black people don't have enough money to buy a $5 driver's license or state ID card. Every black person I know has a driver's license, and the ones who don't drive have a state ID card, ALL of which contain a photo of them. The reason they won't accept voter ID is that it would make it harder for them to steal elections if the same person could no longer go from voting place to voting place, voting as many times as he can because no one place would have any way to catch him at it. And liberal voters (Democrats) do that on a regular basis as long as they're still alive. Then others vote in their name after they die.

FALSE CONDEMNATION: Hillary is making a “big thing” about the year Trump paid NO federal income taxes. What she doesn't tell you is that he LOST so much money that year the IRS was okay with it. It was LEGAL. Meanwhile, he paid billions of dollars in property taxes, state sales taxes. And income taxes to states in which he did make money. Plus many other kinds of taxes to which he was subject. This is the kind of misdirection Democrats often use to fool you into not voting for their opponents. It's a LIE. They KNOW it's a lie, but they tell it, anyway.

KNIFE-WIELDERS? The use of lethal force against those wielding knives is coming under increased scrutiny from “Monday-morning quarterbacks” who have all the time in the world to “second guess the cops,” who have but SECONDS to decide whether or not to shoot to save their lives. A man (or woman) with a knife can kill you just as quickly as one with a gun can, and sometimes they do. A person holding a knife can be just as deadly as one holding a gun, and the cops on the scene have SECONDS to decide whether or not to shoot, to save their own lives, and that of other cops on the scene. “Monday morning quarterbacks” with NO police experience should not be able to “second guess” the cops with their good amounts of time to examine the situation. Something the cops don't have.

CAN'T WIN FOR LOSING: At least, where the Democrats are concerned. Trump followed the law and didn't pay any taxes in 1995 because he LOST $900 million dollars. And he's been audited many times since, WITHOUT them finding any irregularities. He refused to release his tax records, so the New York times hacked that information and ILLEGALLY published it. Nothing he did was illegal, but he is being roundly criticized in the liberal media for NOT paying taxes LEGALLY, since NYT released them ILLEGALLY. Does anybody think NYT will be punished for that? Doubtful. Their purpose is “noble,” after all—at least, according to liberals.

SO WHAT? Hillary and the liberal media are having a “field day” coming after Trump for doing what every taxpayer does LEGALLY, taking advantage of “loopholes” the tax guys overlooked, so as to save some of his money. In 1905 he LOST about $900 million dollars due to a change in the tax code. So the next few years he was LEGALLY allowed to skip payng income taxes—although he did pay millions of dollars in other kinds of taxes that he owed. That's not the first time a politician has been criticized for something he did LEGALLY, but it hasn't happened often. Only when his opponent is desperate.

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