Friday, October 28, 2016

"Nail the Furnoture Down!"

Word is, the Clintons may be back in the White House, soon. So you’d better send out the maintenance men to nail the furniture down so they don’t steal it, as they did when they left, the last time they were there. Better nail down everything else, too. I hear they’ll steal ANYTHING that isn’t nailed down. And if something is nailed down, they’ll steal what it’s nailed to, too!

WIKILEAKS LEADER FOUND DEAD: The top man in the Wikileaks organization besides Julian Assange has been found dead. Is he another to add to the Clinton “death list?” No, he wasn’t going to testify against a Clinton, but he was responsible for the release of much “evidence” showing Bill and Hillary’s crimes (about which nothing was ever done). They haven’t said what killed him. One wonders why? And I’m afraid that, if Assange wasn’t out of the Clinton’s reach, he would suffer the same fate.

IT’S VOTER ERROR”: That’s what election officials claim when a voting machine changes a Republican vote to a Democrat vote. Yes, they WILL change it back, if you demand it. But they say it’s either a faultily-calibrated machine or “voter error.” Blaming the victim, as usual. If you don’t check, you can unwittingly vote for Hillary while thinking you’re voting for Trump. It’s funny that, whenever this happens, it’s ALWAYS the DEMOCRATS who benefit—never the Republicans. That tells me something.

DEMOCRAT VIOLENCE: There are reports of gangs of college students committing violence on Trump supporters, then the Democrat Party blames Trump’s rhetoric for the violence. Now, if that’s true, why is the violence ALWAYS directed at Republicans, and particularly Trump supporters? NEVER at a Democrat? Gangs even damage cars carrying a Trump sticker. I think those attacks are PAID FOR by the Democrats, in order to try and incriminate Trump, by twisting the facts. WAKE UP, America! You’re being PLAYED!

SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL?” That’s what the Georgia State Attorney General is telling a pastor to do. Maybe somebody ought to tell this DOLT about the Constitution. Apparently its existence, and its place in law is completely unknown to him. It’s unknown to way too many people, and even some who should be aware of it, since they’re lawyers. It’s people like this AG that give lawyers a bad name. That pastor should tell him to “stick it,’ and let him go ahead and “take action,” so he’ll “get his comeuppance in court (if the JUDGE knows about the Constitution).

SHUT ‘EM DOWN! For the 100th anniversary of Planned Parenthood, the criminal running for president took time off from her campaign to send messages of congratulations to the current criminals running it. Actually, they have MURDERED 59 million babies, still in the womb, just since 1973. She said she plans to continue “fighting for a woman’s right to decide what happens to her own body.” What the hell about that baby’s right to LIVE? And not be MURDERED before he/she even gets a chance at life? The people running PP should go to PRISON for murder. And some ought to be executed. And so should Hillary as an “accessory after the fact.”

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