Friday, October 21, 2016

Wrong Agin and Again

The pundits gave been uniformly wrong about Trump, from the moment he announced his run for the presidency. All during the primaries they prdicted his demise as a candidate. Time and time again they “reported” that he has “screwed up” and was going to drop out for one reason or the other. Meanwhile he continued to draw multi thousands of supporters to his rallies Now they're saying (again) that his strongest supporters are “dumping him” in gross numbers. And again, they're wrong. As usual.

TRUMP TO CONTEST ELECTION? He made big news when he refused to say he would concede if Hillary was elected. But it's unfair to ask him to concede a FIXED election—if it is fixed. He should be allowed to reserve his options if Clinton forces steal the election, which they are KNOWN to do. They say it has never happened, but did they forget AlGore's suit when Bush whipped his butt? Democrats are proven to have “selective memories.”

MEDIA WILL IGNORE IT: Bill Clinton's illegitimate son (one of them, anyway) has filed a paternity suit, but you'd never know it from the (non) coverage the liberal media gave it. Hmmmm.... I wonder if a bunch of his “woods colts” will come forward now, for their “15 minutes of fame,” as all those women did with Trump and Bill Cosby, all without a scintilla of PROOF. The only reason I know about it is that the conservative media DID cover it. And it's NOT a “pipe dream, it's in court.

AN EXCUSE FOR RACISM: A high school teacher is now saying, “To be white is to be racist,” which is about as STUPID a statement as he/she could make. Not every white person is a racist. It's only in the imagination of stupid people like this it's “true.” I guarantee you this teacher is black. No white person would make such a stupid assertion. They wouldn't even say it about ALL black people. This is not to say that only black people are stupid enough to say this. I'm saying only THIS person is stupid enough. If this teacher is white, he's DOUBLY stupid!

TOTALLY IGNORANT LIBERAL: CNN's Brooke Baldwin (related maybe, to the Baldwin brothers?) says there are ALREADY “term limits” on Congress. Maybe somebody ought to have told members of Congress who died in office after being there for 70 ears or more. Maybe that's what she means: term limited by death from old age. She doesn't give any details as to her reasoning, but that's not unusual, Liberals never do. They just make broad statements and expect us to believe them, without proof.

THE “PUBLIC OPTION” SCAM: Right on schedule, the Obama forces have introduced their “public option” plan. “Public Option” is “code” for a single-payer plan, which is what he wanted, all along. Doubling and tripling insurance rates and appending thousand dollar deductibles that made their insurance WORTHLESS was all part of the scam. Now he's “offering” people the “option” of the “public option plan,” which was what he wanted, all along. It's how he PLANNED to impose a single-payer plan upon us, and it's working like a charm. Obama is a con man par excellence.

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