Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Big Whoop!"

That’s how Trump greets VP “Biteme’s” wish to “take him behind the gym and beat some sense into him.”Trump would welcome that, and he would beat Biteme’s head in. Biteme thinks he’s a “tough guy,” but he’s not even close. Trump IS a “tough guy, and Biteme would emerge from behind the gym on a stretcher if he tried. Somebody needs to educate Democrats on how STUPID all their ideas are. And encourage them to change their name to “The Socialist Party,” which would be more truthful than calling them “The Democratic Party,” when there’s nothing “democratic” about their party.

WORSE THAN THEY THOUGHT? Liberals and other gun-grabbers tell us there are about 300 million guns in the U. S., and they’re WRONG, as usual, mostly due to lack of proper research, of course. There are NOT 300 million, there are at least 412 million, and maybe up to 600 million. Boy! That must make Sen. Feinstein and Gabby Giffords cringe! And most of those guns are ILLEGALLY-owned, which are usually the only ones used to do “gun violence” while all their “laws” only apply to LEGAL gun owners, who are not the problem, at all.

NOTHING’S EVER DONE: Every day we hear about a new crime committed by Hillary. Like her using an unsecured e-mail server as Sec. of State, and Clinton Foundation donors getting a “gun deal” after a big donation. But nothing ever gets done about them. Whenever I hear about a new crime, I wait “impatiently” for somebody (anybody) to do something about it, and—NOTHING. FBI Director Comey LISTED her crimes, and then told us he wouldn’t recommend prosecution because “she didn’t mean it.” And AG Lynch rushed to confirm no action. It’s like she has a “charmed life.” And she does, as long as a Democrat administration is in power.

MEDIA COVERAGE RIGGED”: Trump is saying that “the election is not rigged, but the media coverage is.” WRONG! The election IS rigged, as it has been for the last 50 years, at least, according to one of their own (former) operatives, whose JOB was to rig elections. Somebody needs to show Trump the evidence, so he can “go to work” to fix it, or suffer the consequences if the election is, in any way, close.

JUDGED BY HER FRIENDS: You can judge Hillary by the people who endorse her. Most recently she has been endorsed by the Cuban communist dictator, Fidel Castro. And Vladmir Putin has spoken well of her in the past. Not only that, a KNOWN communist who was actually appointed to a powerful DC office, and got fired the next day after a LOT of criticism of Obama for the appointment, has also endorsed her. That’s probably because the communists see her as the best person to move us closer to collectivism (communism, socialism).

HILLARY’S RALLIES IN THE DUMP: Hillary can’t even “raise a stink.” Especially not a crowd. At a recent Hillary rally, THIRTY PEOPLE showed up. They’ll probably spin it, saying, “people expected the crowds to be so big, they stayed home to avoid them.” Then you look at a typical Trump rally, with many thousands of attendees. And “the polls” say Trump doesn’t have a chance? What are these people SMOKING? If I were a druggie, I’d want some! All evidence points to a Hillary loss, and she WILL lose, unless she successfully rigs the election—which she’s trying HARD to do.

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