Saturday, October 15, 2016

Scarborough "Loses It"

He had just pressed Ben Carson on what he said about discussing Judeo-Christian values in an election when Carson started to ask him about “Why you people in the press....” What they do will be lost in the mists of history, because Scarborough “lost it,” and said, “Stop saying, 'you people!' ” I guess Joe wasn't happy he wasn't able to “break” Carson and make him say Judeo-Christian values just weren't important, period, when what he was saying was that an election campaign was not the place for it. Frankly, I think Joe is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

MISDIRECTING THE WORLD: Liberals are misdirecting us by pretending any talk about Bill Clinton's sexual atrocities is about BILL, saying, “he's not running.” When it is actually about Hillary's HANDLING of his “indiscretions.” Instead of being angry about them, she set out to destroy every woman who claimed Bill sexually abused her, even coining the term, “bimbo eruptions.” Which goes to her reasoning ability, which is nil.

READING A SCRIPT: I just listened to a stilted recital, so obviously from a prepared script that she didn't even raise her eyes while reading it. She went into really unnecessary detail,and even, at points, stumbled her words, as if she didn't even understand what she was reading. It sounded like a page from a love novel. At one point, she actually turned the page. Frankly, I don't believe a word of it. I still say they need to look at the background of these women to find out how many have a connection to the Democrat Party. I think all of them do. These so-called “sexual assaults” are so crude, I don't believe for a minute that a man of Trump's intelligence, wealth, and celebrity would DARE do the things they claim for fear of just what is happening, now. Not to mention common sense.

FLOTUS HATE SPEECH” Michelle Obama made a speech the other day, and that speech was FILLED with HATE. She spewed hate with abandon, trying her best to get Hillary elected, so she can continue Barak's nefarious policies and push this country further into socialism, while making it easier for Muslim terrorists to move here and KILL Americans. One of the basic themes was that Trump was INCOMPETENT to be president, ignoring completely the INCOMPETENCE shown by her own husband in that job. PURPOSEFUL incompetence.

CHICAGO STILL CRIME CAPITAL: It was found, the other day, that Chicago has more ILLEGAL guns on the street than Los Angeles AND New York City, COMBINED, in spite of having some of the tightest “gun laws” in the nation. Which proves again, that all the laws made up to now by the anti-gun fools are USELESS in “stemming gun violence.” But will the anti-gun fools take notice? Not a chance. They just aren't smart enough, which is illustrated by their firm belief that they CAN eliminate guns, entirely, and that a LAW will make CRIMINALS obey it.

GUN-GRABBER'S UNFLAMMATORY HEADLINES: A headline in the NY Post says, “The Terrifying Rate of Children Killing Themselves Dead!” Meanwhile, the actual figure is 0.0003%. Not so “terrifying,” huh?” Yes, it's a tragedy when a child kills himself or others by accident, through the ignorance of the adults leaving guns unsafely stored. The anti-gun fools need to stop “demonizing” the NRA and start pushing their “gun safety” classes. Then more KNOWLEDGE would reduce such occurrences.

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