Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Incredible Stupidity

After the Republicans suffered a bombing at one of Trump's HQ, the Democrats blamed his “violence condoning speeches” for it. How stupid is that? It can only be Hillary supporters who did the bombing, since Trump supporters would be much more likely to bomb a HILLARY HQ than one of his—that is, if they were as prone to violence as “the left” seems to be. Remember, those guilty of assassinating or attempting to assassinate presidents were ALL “left-leaning” fools. Violence just comes naturally to liberals.

EQUIPMENT FAILURE: Sorry about yesterday. I was just getting ready to start posting when my computer was “taken over” by someone PRETENDING to be Microsoft, who, of course, wanted me to call a certain phone number, at which I suppose I would be asked for money to get my computer released. I couldn't get rid of the block. So I got rid of the computer, instead, and I've spent most of the day today getting the new one set up. It's already been tried again on this computer, but it came with malware killer software so I was able to clean it up.

THEY GOTTA BE STUPID! The Patriot Tribune ran a story that says, “50% of “millennials” would vote for a socialist government.” How stupid IS that? Maybe not stupid, just IGNORANT. Stupid people know the truth, but push the wrong ideas, anyway. Ignorant people are just suffering from a lack of information. Which they've “gained” by all those years in liberal-run schools (usually at a high price), being taught the LIE that socialism is the way to go, because it gives them all those delicious “free things.” They don't tell them that, as they grow older, they will be expected to PAY for those “freebies” given to others. Meanwhile, their lives will be CONTROLLED by the top liberals.

AFRAID OF THE LIES: A female Chicago cop who was brutally beaten by an obvious gang member was AFRAID to pull her gun and kill him, because she feared what the media, and “Black Lives Matter” would accuse her of. So she simply allowed herself to be beaten up, because of that fear. This is what I predicted. Cops HESITATING to shoot “bad guys” because they feared what the media would say. It's only a happenstance that he didn't kill her, and soon, somebody WILL kill a cop, when he/she hesitates to shoot them for fear of the consequences to his/her career.

STOP WHINING, DONALD! Obama says Trump should “stop whining and go prove your case to get votes.” That “there is NO election fraud, and he doesn't know of any former presidential candidate who has made such a claim.” And he may be right about that, because no former candidate has ever had the GUTS to bring it out. But there IS a lot of election fraud going on, and it's ALL the Democrats doing it, with the HELP of the liberal media. He tries to deny it, but it has been PROVEN in may places. I personally watched one man (A Democrat) walking into a polling place with a boxful of signed absentee ballots, not signed by those they were sent to. All voted for Democrats. He showed no concern for being seen.

HILLARY'S WORKING RELATIONSHIP”: Bill Clinton brags about Hillary's “working relationship” with the Muslim Brotherhood (a KNOWN terrorist organization everywhere but where Obama and his dumb butts run things). Which is pretty naive on both their parts. Anybody of “presidential caliber” should know that you can't have a “working relationship” with people whose only wish is to KILL all those who don't “bend to their will” and accept their damned fool “religion.” You can't reason with them, and that has been proved, over and over, down through the centuries. They USE “negotiations” for their own purposes, and never give you the satisfaction of a real “deal” in the final analysis.

WHINING BEFORE IT'S OVER”: Obama says Trump is “whining before it's over,” meaning he should wait until their voter fraud is a ”fait accompli” and he has been screwed in the election before he “breaks the news” that he has being screwed out of the election. Not a chance, Barack! Trump isn't going to “knuckle under” like most politicians do when “chided” by the president. He doesn't give a damn what you say, or DO, Barack. You notice I call you by your first name, which shows the lack of respect I have for you. He doesn't respect you, either.

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