Friday, October 14, 2016

Was Scalia Murdered?

Justice Scalia's death came at a most propitious time for Democrats who wanted “free rein” in making unconstitutional gun laws and getting them declared constitutional by the Supreme Court. The way his death was handled, with the inquest held on the PHONE and certified by a justice of the peace, instead of a real judge, was very suspicious. Also suspicious was the fact that he was found dead with a pillow over his face. I would say his death should be investigated by more powerful people if I thought there were any left in DC.

NO GUN LICENSE! The guy who (allegedly) shot and wounder two cops in Boston before he was killed, himself, Had no license to own a gun, but he had one, anyway. The same is true of a man who shot and KILLED two cops in Palm Springs, in California, where their laws are as tight as those in Chicago, the “murder capital” of the states. He was a felon, and thus barred from owning guns. But he had one, anyway. Which means ALL their laws do not work. Do you think the anti-gun fools will take notice? Doubtful. They're not smart enough.

MUSLIM SUPREMACY: Have you ever heard of a law or “rule” criminalizing saying ANYTHING against a Christian or any Christian institution? Or even against the Christian God? Not likely, huh? We've got a Constitution that assures us the right to say anything we want, for or against ANYBODY, right? Then how are they making “rules” and laws making speaking out against Islamic terrorists and terrorism, or just Muslims a “criminal offense?” How does ANY group get enough power to get such laws and rules made? Of course, they'll call this item evidence of religious intolerance.” That's their scam. That's how they stifle criticism.

CLOWN ERUPTION”: The timing is very interesting. Just weeks before the presidential election, the time on the news media is taken up reporting the “clown eruption” that wasn't there before. All of a sudden, it's “erupting” all over the country. Just in time to keep reporters from getting the space to speculate on Hillary's crimes. At the same time, they “dug up” an eleven-year-old intemperate statement made by her opposing candidate while ignoring her efforts to rebuff similar accusations against her husband, and her response. And cooperative (Democrat) women all over “chimed in” and accused him of outrageous advances. All with NO PROOF, of course.

FIRING ON OUR NAVY: Pretty stupid, huh? But the Iranian-backed rebels have done it twice, in international waters. The first time, we didn't do anything except to say some “hard words” to the Iranians. But this time, we destroyed a missile site in rebel-held territory. Should they try it again, somebody's going to DIE. Maybe they already have. And they can complain as much as they want. When you fire on a U. S, Navy vessel, especially in international waters, you risk DEATH. And the “rules of war” are with us when we do it. Be warned, Iranians! But the Iranians aren't too smart. Especially if they think they can win a war with America.

WRONG ON SECOND AMENDMENT? Hillary says the Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment. What a damned fool she is! They're the only group who have been consistently RIGHT on the Second Amendment! She needs to learn that you can't make something true by just saying it. The Second Amendment is one of the shortest and most CLEAR parts of the Constitution, and the least susceptible to liberals twisting its meaning. But that doesn't sit well with her efforts to disarm Americans (except for her, of course!).

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