Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Keeping A Promise

Obama is known for not keeping his promises. He promised that Obamacare would REDUCE premiums by 25%. But it actually DOUBLED and TRIPLED them, while adding thousand dollar deductibles, making the insurance WORTHLESS. He promised that, if you liked your doctor or your hospital, you could keep them, which predictably proved to be another LIE. Now he’s promising that those premiums WILL DOUBLE, or more. That’s a promise he can keep.

NO TRAINING FOR CHILDREN: Shannon Watts, boss of “Moms For No Guns (or some such),” one of the best known anti-gun fool outfit scoffs at the idea of teaching children gun safety. She says, “We teach gun safety to ADULTS.” Of course, this discounts entirely the FACT that if children KNEW something about guns (how dangerous they are, that they’re not playthings, and they can KILL you), they might be less likely to play with the guns in their home and maybe kill themselves or somebody else.

NO GUNS IN RESTAURANTS: The usually short-sighted anti-gun fools are asking, “Why would you need a gun in a restaurant?” Why, indeed? Maybe they should ask the woman in Texas who had to leave her legally-carried gun in the car because the restaurant she was going to with her parents was a “gun-free zone,” and had to watch while some fool came in and shot up the restaurant and KILLED her parents. Or the employees of a Waffle House that was recently held up at gunpoint.

THE FIFTH 90 TIMES! Hillary’s top techie when she was Sec. Of State was called to Congress to answer questions about how she handled her e-mails while secretary. So he came. And he “took the fifth” 90 TIMES! If all was on the “up and up,” don’t you think he would have answered their questions honestly and without a problem? But NO! There MUST have been some “hanky-panky” during her tenure. Why else would he refuse to answer “on grounds of self incrimination?” There MUST be something there to incriminate him!

SUICIDE YES, CHEMO, NO! That’s what this woman’s insurance company is telling her. That’s what you get when you put your life in the hands of a bureaucrat—the death penalty. California now has an “assisted suicide law,” and her insurance company will pay for her to kill herself. But they won’t pay for the chemo that MIGHT keep her alive! Initially, they were going to pay for the chemo, but right after California passed the assisted suicide law, they changed their minds and refused to cover it. Assisted suicide laws create an opportunity for insurance companies to “get rid of” terminally ill patients, so they do.

VOTING FOR HILLARY: Many self-styled “conservatives” have indicated that they will vote for Hillary. If they do, they’re really STUPID! They’ll be voting for the ENEMY! I can’t think of ANY reason for an INTELLIGENT conservative to vote for Hillary, unless they WANT to commit political SUICIDE. That’s what voting for this harradian would be. She will finish Obama’s job of screwing up this country like “Hogan’s goat.” Nothing Trump would EVER do would make them voting for Hillary right. They’re only PRETENDING to be conservative.

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