Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trump Debating Bernie

Bernie Sanders is very exercised about Trump's refusal to debate him, Trump is right. Since he IS the “presumptive nominee” there's no reason for him to debate the “also-ran.” Nobody has ever done it before, for good reason. Debating an “also-ran” is a waste of time. Not even considering the fact that all Trump has to do is bring up Bernie's socialist beliefs to “put him off his feed,” as it did in a recent interview, where he refused to answer a question about it.

LAWS WON'T DO IT: Training will. In Detroit, they have a big problem with children shooting each other and themselves, due to the curiosity that comes from not knowing anything about guns, due to the”guns shall not be named” policy of the anti-gun fools. Teaching kids that guns are not playthings is half the battle, while teaching them about guns is the other. But they'll never know that. They're not smart enough.

KOURIC FOR VP: Vice President is an almost useless job, unless the president dies in office or is removed for cause. It has been said that Katie Couric would be a good prospect for VP to Hillary, should she pull off a miracle and win the election. They're right. They're both losers, and should get along well. Hillary “changes history” about her e-mail system, and Katie does it about guns. Katie would be a good Democrat politician. She lies well, and that's what they value. She should be DONE as a reporter, so politics would be a good new career for her. She's in good company with many other liars.

MORE GUNS, MORE VIOLENCE? Not a chance! The anti-gun fools want us to think that, but it ain't true! Americans own more guns than any other country (90 per 100 people), but we aren't even CLOSE to being the top murder rate. That “honor” belongs to Honduras, which has stiff gun laws. Truth doesn't seem to matter to anti-gun fools. They just keep lying to us and trying to take away our right to self-defense, and to own and use the means to it, a gun.

SELECTIVE JUDGMENT: Sen. Feinstein doesn't think Hillary's e-mail problems are a major thing. Obviously, since she doesn't have very good judgmentherself, she doesn't think bad judgment on the part of a president, or presidential candidate, should be a factor. This is how Democrats “circle the wagons” when somebody comes after their known criminals. Feinstein is known for her lack of good judgment in her handling of an automatic weapon with her finger on the trigger in front of a bunch of cowering people.

HEIMLICH SAVES WOMAN: Dr. Henry Heimlich, originator of the “Heimlich Maneuver,” that has saved 50,000 lives, just did it himself for the first time in his own life, saving a woman's life. He said, “It feels good to save a life.” He is 96 years of age, and there's no telling how good it makes him feel to have saved 50,000 lives by originating that maneuver. I'm glad he got a chance to USE his named maneuver in his lifetime.

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