Sunday, May 15, 2016

Billionaire Running

Bernie is now making a big thing about the fact that a billionaire is running for president, supported by other billionaires, and saying that he doesn't seem to be “an average American?” Right. Being a billionaire shouldn't ban such a person from running for president. Meanwhile, Bernie doesn't talk about the billionaires that support HIM. Such as George Soros, whose “fingerprints” seem to be on everything that is inimical to the needs and wishes of most Americans.

CONCEALED CARRY RACIST”: That's according to a ditzy Missouri state representative after they passed legislation friendly to gun proponents. Really, they ought to test potential candidates for office for INTELLIGENCE, so we can keep people like this out of office, so they can't have a hand in passing, or enforcing laws. With an attitude like that, there's no telling what kind of STUPID legislation she will sponsor in the future.

OBAMA BULLYING SCHOOLS: He's threatening to cut them off from $BILLIONS of dollars in federal money if they don't “tug their forelocks” and “knuckle under” to his IGNORANT DEMAND for them to allow MEN to use women's restrooms and changing rooms, where those women and girls are often NAKED, so they can ogle them at will. That money was TAKEN from us BY FORCE, and is not his to use as a bludgeon to enforce surrender. If you don't believe that “force,” just try and NOT pay your taxes.

HE CAN'T UNDERSTAND: Obama just can't figure out who people don't like his new “bathroom policy.” Why people would object to having men and women together in the same bathrooms and changing rooms is beyond him. He's too stupid. He's even reduced to threatening to forego sending the states that don't “knuckle under” the millions of dollars back that they sent him, so he could “take his cut” and return SOME of it to them. Why women don't want men in the same restrooms and changing rooms with them is a mystery to him. But we know, even if her doesn't.

DON'T READ BILLS: “Congressman X” says, in a new book, that fund raising is so time consuming, he doesn't read the bills he passes into law. And he thinks that's right for him to do because he has to work so hard to get money to stay in office. Actually, it is “dereliction of duty” for a congress member to vote on a single bill he or she hasn't read, and therefore has no idea what he's visiting upon the people who pay his/her salary.. We send them there, at great expense, to protect our interests. And not reading the bills they pass into law is “not doing their job.” It is a CRIME, for which they should be FIRED, at the very least. If it costs too much money to stay in office, THAT should be changed.

RE-ELECTION IS THE JOB”: “Congressman X,” in his new book, says that people think his job is to make laws, but in practice, it isn't. His only job is to get re-elected, he thinks. To keep his job. Nothing else is as important as keeping his or her job. So, like other corrupt politicians, he doesn't read the bills he votes on, and for that reason, he should not be re-elected. This is the best reason for term limits, to REMOVE the requirement to raise a lot of money to use in getting re-elected time after time, until you're in that job for so long, some people don't remember when you WEREN'T there. That needs to change.

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