Monday, May 16, 2016

NY Times Lies Again!

The NY times recently ran an article that supposedly contained an account of Lane Rowanne, describing an “abusive relationship.” The whole thing was a LIE, and twisted what she DID say, to come up with a “hit piece” on Trump. The liberals are really going “all out” to hurt Trump's chances. They're really ruining their own reputation among those who aren't PURE liberal fools who would believe ANYTHING they say, even if it's PROVEN to be a lie. Lane herself came out in public (on Fox, of course, since nobody else would touch it) and CALLED them liars. She said Trump was a “perfect gentleman” to her.

COVERUP BEGINS: Those of us who look outside the liberal news media for our news because we know it lies, and withholds vital information know all about Facebook's attempts at censorship of conservatives. But the liberal media REFUSES to say anything about it, so the liberals can say “It didn't happen because it was never in the news.” Never in the news THEY read anyway.

TEACHING ABOUT GUNS: The reason kids manage to shoot themselves or their friends with guns found in the home is simple: IGNORANCE. The anti-gun fools want to keep ALL knowledge about guns away from kids, and that PROMOTES them killing each other through ignorance. If they KNEW about guns, and were TRAINED in gun safety and proper gun handling, maybe they wouldn't treat them as toys, like cap guns. But, like all reality and common sense, anti-gun fools will never “tumble” to this, and will continue to keep kids ignorant about guns. Getting them killed, through that ignorance.

TRUMP ISN'T CONSERVATIVE: So what? I”M not a conservative, either, although conservatism is close to what I AM. Neither is he a liberal, no matter how much his enemies want to paint him as one. I am a “rational individualist,” and I suspect that is also what Trump is, though he probably doesn't know it. He just wants to save this country from the likes of Hillary, Bernie, and Obama. You don't have to be a “conservative” to do that.

BERNIE EXPLAINS “DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM”: What he doesn't tell you is that there is no such thing. Socialism is, by it's very nature, NON-democratic. It REQUIRES a strong government that will TELL US what to do. It is BASED on the THEFT of goods from those who work to PRODUCE them, for the benefit of those who DON'T, for whatever reason. It creates NO new wealth, and only sucks off of the work of the PRODUCER of new wealth, and for that reason, will ultimately fail. But usually not in our lifetime.

PARTICIPATION RIBBON: This football player's daughter came to him with her “participation ribbon,” awarded her for “showing up” at a field day event at her school. Her father, who is a professional football player who worked HARD to attain his current position, took the ribbon and gave it back to the teacher. I'd have put it in the bathroom and used it in place of toilet paper. She went back later and won a first place ribbon and two third place ribbons, which he says makes her an absolute winner. And I agree. Absolutely.

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