Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Looking In the Wrong Direction

As usual, the anti-gun fools are aiming in the wrong direction. Instead of aiming at ILLEGAL gun owners, they talk about “gang activity,” which is mostly done by kids too young to legally own a gun in the first place, and cite “the too easy availability of guns” as the problem, ignoring the fact that the guns involved are ILLEGALLY owned. They talk about the trivial reasons for the shootings, again ignoring the “gang culture” that demands killing for all “Disses,” no matter how slight, real or imagined. When they figure a way to keep underage gang members from getting guns, maybe we'll listen to them.

HILLARY IN A BIKINI: At least, that's what the Daily Caller headline promised. Although I wouldn't particularly want to see Hillary in a bikini, the idea was interesting that there was even such a thing. So I looked. There were a series of pictures of beautiful women in bikinis and, buried among them was ONE of Hillary dancing with Bill on the beach wearing a VERY modest swim suit, showing her big rear end. Nothing NEAR her in a bikini. Sometimes I wonder about some of these Daily Caller “slideshows.”

THEY'RE ALL THE SAME: Islamic terrorist bunches wear many names, as all Islamics seem to do. Every man has more than one name, and apparently so so Islamic terrorist organizations. Our politicians treat each one as a different bunch, although they're ALL Islamic terrorists. Their names include, al-Qaida, ISIS, ISIL, Taliban, Boko Haram, HAMAS, etc., depending on where they operate. But they're ALL “Islamic extremists” and terrorists, so why separate them into different groups?

ENCOURAGING AL-QAIDA: A dispatch from “Freedom force” says Obama's foreign policy has “only encouraged and enabled al-Qaida.” Surprise, surprise! Those of us who THINK have known all along that Obama is on their side, and he WANTS to “encourage and enable them.” So what's new? He won't even call them what they ARE! Many people think he's stupid because of that. I think that's all part of his scam and it's working perfectly.

WHAT A HYPOCRITE! Leonardo DiCaprio, who is an ardent environmentalist, got an award the other day. So he got on his private airplane in France and flew 8,000 miles to New York to get it, than another 8,000 miles back, spewing who knows how much pollution into the air? It's like other environmentalists who fly thousands of miles to go to their “meetings” on how to “reduce pollution.” These people are the biggest hypocrites in the world. Global warming is a scam and people are finally beginning to realize that.

LOW PRICE OF OIL: That's what they're now blaming for the collapse of the socialist government in Venezuela. I predicted they'd find something other than socialism to blame for the faiklure. I didn't know what they'd use, at the time, but I knew it would be something. And they didn't let me down. Politicians in all countries are best at blaming things on something ELSE, other than what was the real cause, so they could continue to do the things that caused the collapse and make personal money and power from it.

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