Monday, May 30, 2016

Honoring Our Vets

HONORING OUR VETS: On this day of mourning for the thousands of young men who9 gave their livers that we might remain a free nation, Obama goes around mouthing the platitudes that all presidents are expected to mouth on this day, while spending the rest of his time making rules that get more and more of these fine young people killed because they're not ALLOWED to fight back, effectively. He praises the dead, but his words are meaningless because he doesn't care. If he did, he wouldn't make “rules of combat” that inhibit their ability to fight effectively while the enemy beheads us, kidnaps our people, put them through hell, and ransoms some if they can.

NOW WE KNOW: Obama is solidly on Hillary's side. He wants to stop all the hooraw over her e-mail scam. The Judicial Watch filed a suit to demand that Hillary and five other current and former State Dept. officials on her use of a private server be deposed after another judge ruled that their fact-finding activities were legitimate. The Justice Dept, opposed it, which shows clearly that Obama doesn't want her charged. Which also means he probably wants her as the next president, so she can continue his abominable policies.

OBAMA'S JAPAN APOLOGY: He went to Hiroshima and swore not to apologize for America dropping the atom bomb on Japan (which saved thousands of American lives). And he didn't—almost. He hugged and comforted a survivor of Hiroshima and talked about a “world without nuclear bombs.” If that's not an apology, I'll kiss your sitter. And, of course, he didn't ask Japan for an apology for Pearl Harbor or any of their other other atrocities.

GIRL USES BOY'S ROOM: Because she really, really wants to be a boy. And dad pulls all three of his sons out of the school. The boys probably enjoyed it, and went, kicking and screaming all the way home. So how are these kids to be educated? Home schooling, probably, which can only be a good thing, considering the fact that public schools these days are just “conditioning mills,” that only teach us how great the liberals are, and how great are their stupid policies. And that we should “share everything” with people who don't want to bother to work for what they get.

CNN SHOCKED! They just learned that Islamic terrorists are hiding among those supposed “Syrian refugees” Obama is not only ALLOWING to come here without proper “vetting,” he is paying their way so they can make “gun violence” a REAL, instead of the current IMAGINED problem they want us to believe it is. Something thinking people already know. When they start killing innocent people for not believing in their “religion,” he will be much better able to take away our LEGAL guns, leaving the only guns in the hands of citizens in the hands of criminals and crazies, and Islamic terrorists. A lot of people will die, but he doesn't care if he gets his way.

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