Thursday, May 26, 2016

"Nervous" About Trump?

Obama says, “world leaders are ”nervous” about Donald Trump becoming president. He said it as an insult, but Trump took it as a compliment. They ought to be. They know they won't be able to get away with half the crap they got away with under past presidents, especially Obama, himself. One thing: when they “bad-mouth” us, they'll lose foreign aid. We're “propping up” half the countries of the world, and they hate us for it. That will stop.

STOPPING GUN VIOLENCE: I wouldn't believe the stupidity of anti-gun fools if I didn't see evidence of it all over. In Champaign, IL, they had a “March To End Gun Violence” where they went door-to-door, handing out soap samples and praying at the residents. They also plan some cookouts. How this affects gun violence, I have no idea. They say gun violence is increasing, while statistics show it is DECREASING, and has been, for years. They only maintain it is increasing so they can pass their USELESS gun laws.

HE COULDN'T DO IT: They said Donald Trump would never become the /republican nominee in 2016. They said he was a “flash in the pan” and would soon go away. Then, as he won primary after primary, they said it couldn't last, and, as candidate after candidate said “uncle” and dropped out, they said it was only a matter of time until he did, too. Politician after politician and other fools said he'd never be the Republican nominee. Today he clinched the nomination with one (some say 2) more delegate(s) than he needed. They will say that doesn't matter, that he will still implode. Wake up, people! We're looking at our next president.

HILLARY WAS INEVITABLE: Both times. IN 2008, we were told that Hillary would be our next president. Until a previously little-known one-term senator named Obama came along and slapped her aside. Now, with Trump clinching the Republican nomination, she's still “battling” an ancient, wild-haired, ADMITTED socialist who has never had a real job to get the Democrat nomination. This, while the Democrat Party “stacked the deck” in her favor, right along, by giving her more delegates than Bernie got, even when he won primary after primary. But Bernie stayed neck-in-neck with her in spite of it.

TRUMP'S SEX LIFE: Liberals are trying HARD to make Trump's past sex life an issue in this campaign, while saying Bill Clinton's sex life, and the actions of Hillary to demonize his accusers are “:old news,” and should not mean anything in this election. But it goes to Hillary's judgment. Nobody has ever accused Trump if rape, as they have Clinton. They're making a big thing of Bill Cosby's sex life, again while ignoring Bill's. The double standard is evident, but they deny it.

SAUDIS BLAME US: In defiance of sure evidence that the Saudi government was directly involved in the planning and execution of the 9/11 attacks that killed 3,000 innocent people, they are now blaming us. They say WE planned and executed the raids so we could blame it on Saudi Arabia and START the terrorism war that was already going. They really think people will believe that crap! I think they've been living the “life of Reilly” on the oil WE dug up for them for too long. They are beginning to think they're invincible. But they're not. The Saudi king and all his hundreds of princes can just go to hell.

THE VA AND DISNEY: The head of the VA had the audacity the other day to ask, “If Disney doesn't keep track of time waiting in line, why should we?” That shows a complete IGNORANCE of life. It shows why this FOOL should not be in charge of the VA, or any other federal agency. Disney only involves people having fun. The VA involves LIFE OR DEATH situations. That's why! And if he can't figure that out for himself, he has no business running the VA, or anything else. He's too dumb for it.

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