Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Next Step

They've made gay “marriage” acceptable, and now call anybody who disagrees bigots. People who refuse to do business with gays for their “weddings” are routinely given outlandish “cruel and unusual punishments” for refusing to do their bidding. They have made MEN in women's bathrooms acceptable to the point where judges are penalizing people who object. Now men can come into women's private rooms and ogle their naked bodies. Now they're ready to take the next step toward a perverted world—making pedophilia acceptable. And you can bet soon, judges will be punishing people for disagreeing. They call you a bigot for using the word “perverted” to describe their perverted desires, which DO hurt children, whether they admit it, or not. They've made many strides in making PERVERSION appear “normal,” and now they're ready to take the next step.

REFUSING BRAINWASHING: Students at New Trier High School refused to attend “mandatory “conditioning sessions” called “racial identity seminars” and spend their time telling the racist LIES put out by the :Black Lives Matter crowd, with the APPROVAL of the school. About 1,000 students stayed away. The seminars included such things as “The truth About Ferguson” (which will contain all the anti-white LIES that have been told), and “Why I Should Feel guilty about Being White,” and other such racist BS. All designed to make whites THINK they're racists, when most of them are NOT. The article I read said nothing about punishment for not attending, but the word “mandatory” implies there will be some.

OBAMA'S PURPOSE REVEALED: there was a “method to his madness” when Obama ordered his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, leaving al their arms and expensive equipment for the Islamic terrorists to “take over” and use in killing Iraq citizens. Iraq terrorists have been making trouble, killing, beheading, and raping women ever since, and now they've invaded the infamous “green zone,” which was not nearly as well defended by Iraqi soldiers and cops as it was when American troops were there, and even “stormed” the Parliament. You might as well say they've “taken over” in Iraq.

MUSLIMS “OFFENDED”: Now, in addition to everything else, they're offended by our National Anthem! What kind of fools are they to think that complaining about our National Anthem will do ANYTHING? It's an answer to the question, “What if they gave a riot and nobody came?” In other words, WHO CARES that the National Anthem “offends them?” If they're so offended by things American, they should go back to their fifth century countries, where they won't BE offended. They can stick it where they sit, for all of me.

FRACKING RIGHTS: The Supreme Court in Colorado has ruled that local governments have NO AUTHORITY to ban fracking, or to hinder it in any way. That power is reserved to the states. And therefore negated the bans in two Colorado cities on fracking. In truth, fracking is not the “evil monster” their enemies paint it to be, and it can help us stop having to buy oil from people who hate our guts and limit production to keep the price high. There are people who want to stop America from becoming “energy independent,” and opposing fracking is part of it. Opposing offshore oil drilling for spurious reasons is another.

CUSSING KIDS: The other day, a small CHILD outside a Cruz rally screamed “F—k you!” as Cruz went by. And when Cruz suggested that this kid needed a spanking, HE got criticized. The CHILD who shouted obscenities was ignored, by those fools who think children should NEVER be spanked. They equate ALL corporal punishment to “beating a child,” which is wrong, and stupid. They don't understand that if you let children “run wild” without correction, they don't learn manners, and that gets them in trouble in later years.

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