Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hillary Stared

Christina Aguilera made a big thing out of a picture of Hillary looking at her breasts. But I submit that as big as they are, and the way she lets them all hang out, ANYBODY would stare at them, unless they are dead inside. Much as I hate to defend Hillary about anything, I must do so here. She's obviously proud of them, and wants everybody to know when someone shows it. There are rumors of Hillary being a lesbian, and she thinks this falls right into that.

SECOND CLASS RIGHT?” The 9th Circuit court of Appeals (the most reversed court ever in history) has decided that Second Amendment rights are “second class rights.” What kind of reasoning (or lack thereof) allows them to make such an outrageous ruling is beyond me. But I look for this much-reversed liberal court to be reversed again on this subject. Unless, that is, liberals manage to appoint the next Supreme court Justice, then “all is lost.”

WE CAN SEE IT!” Obama says we can see the effects of global warming every day. what a deluded FOOL he is! It's that, or he is purposely misreading climate changes that have been going on for eons as the result of global warming, so he can make more and more restrictive laws and regulations to better control us, and impose even higher “fees” and “taxes” to screw us out of even more money. Obama may not be the most DISHONEST president we've ever had, but I don't remember one who is worse.

BILL AGAIN: Once again, Hillary gives us yet ANOTHER reason to keep her as far from the White House as humanly possible. She says she plans to put Bill in charge of the money. She SAYS “he knows how,” when he surely does NOT. He was propped up during his “reign” by the remnants of Reagan's tremendous work on the economy, which caused us to have the longest running economic boom in history before Bill screwed it up, with the help of his accomplices. To put him in charge of it now, GUARANTEES economic collapse.

GENDER IDENTITY” STUPID: Allowing MEN who “think” they're women into women's restroom and changing rooms, just because they SAY they're women is not only stupid, it is DANGEROUS. It lets men come into these rooms, where women and sometimes young girls are naked, or nearly naked, so they can ogle them and, even sexually abuse them in their own places. And there's no reason for it. Just let them use the handicapped single occupant restrooms and keep them OUT of dressing rooms, in which they have no reason to be.

HE'S TRYING TO WIN!” Hillary is accusing Bernie of “blatantly trying to win the Democrat nomination for president!” Ya think? What the hell does she THINK his purpose would be? Damn, this is a stupid broad! I guess she thinks only SHE has the right to run for president on the Democrat ticket. And this fool actually wants to be president, herself. Sure, he's trying to win the nomination! That's what he's been spending millions of dollars to accomplish! Damn! How stupid IS this gal?

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