Monday, May 2, 2016

A Smart Politician

Jerry Costello, an Illinois Representative, sponsored two pro-gun bills in the Illinois legislature. One to stop government from ADDING a “fee” to all gun purchases, in ADDITION to taxes, the other to allow concealed carry on public transportation. Both are REAL “common sense” legislation, but will be called other things, mostly insulting, by the anti-gun bigots also in his legislature. This guy has a bright future in politics, if he can survive the wrath of the “brain dead” anti-gun[politicians who will be “out for his scalp.”

PUFFED-UP CANDIDATE: Ted Cruz keeps telling us Trump is “on his last legs” every time there is an election coming up, and Trump keeps “stomping him.” Now he's telling us that if Trump loses in Indiana, it's “all over” for him. That's a LOAD! It's Cruz for whom it is “all over” if he loses. He MUST WIN in Indiana if he is to continue his quest to upset this front-runner. Meanwhile, Trump leads him by many points in most polls, except for the ONE he cites in his output. I'm getting very tired of Cruz puffing things up” constantly, while he lags behind. If he does win honestly, okay. But if he scams a win, it's not.

ICE RELEASES MORE FELONS: They just released another almost 20,000 criminal illegal aliens in 2015, including 208 MURDERERS, and 1.286 sexual offenders, and 216 kidnappers. All on orders from guess who? Damn, it's like Obama WANTS to create an atmosphere of terrorism and violence by ALL his actions, including the one where he uses TAX MONEY to pay the way of hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists to come here to kill us. While doing everything he can to keep us from having guns to use in opposing them. I'd call him a complete fool, but I know he's doing it on purpose.

MORPHING TOWARD COMMUNISM?” Cuban-American filmmaker Augustin Blazquez says America is “morphing into a communist country.” And he ought to know. He watched while Cuba, his homeland, did the same thing, and he can see the signs. He says the left “has been very clever,” by using non-threatening words like liberal, progressive, and “concerned citizens” to allow the government to take more and more control over all our actions, AND our finances. We're halfway there, already—or more. It's like putting that frog in a pot of cold water, THEN bringing it to a boil with the frog not noticing until too late.

JUMPING TO BE OFFENDED: American Indians are complaining about Hillary's “reservation” comment, saying it was insulting to them. Sounds like twisting things to allow themselves to be offended, to me. Hillary wasn't even talking about Indians. She was talking about MEN, principally her philandering husband. How that could be twisted to insult Indians is absurd. But liberals, even among Indians, just can't help being absurd. The headline in this “Liberty Headlines” report ought to piss them off even more, with it's “warpath” comment.

NOTHING STOPS THEM: Global Warming religion acolytes will let NOTHING stop them from believing what ISN'T happening is going to destroy the world. Not truth, not reality, not logic or common sense—nothing. The “globe” hasn't been “warming” for almost 20 years, but that little fact is LOST on them. They just changed the name of their “religion” to “climate change,” so they could attribute ANY weather anomaly to their swindle. Now they want to PROSECUTE people who don't believe their scam, and say so. They have no answers, and they know it. So they want to “shut us up.”

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