Sunday, May 22, 2016

Get Used to It, Girls!

That's what they're telling girls, who don't want to see penises in their restrooms and dressing rooms. That is their right, and always has been, until the liberal politicians, who want to CONTROL what everybody does, decided guys with penises should be allowed to be in women's restrooms and dressing rooms, so they could see what the girls have. All they have to do is say they “identify” as a woman, which is just as stupid as it comes. It's no surprise when liberal politicians who are unquestionably white, claim they're black, and get away with it.

HONORING A DEAD THUG: Hillary is speaking before a meeting put on by the “Trevon Martin foundation,” as if he was a “good guy” who should not have been killed. I guess the guy whose head he was beating into the concrete would not agree. He got “all bent out of shape” at being watched, and tried to kill the guy. So the guy killed him. And rightly so. If a thug ever tries that on me, HE'S going to die. He was NOT some “innocent kid” out for a walk. he was returning from the store with the makings for a drug cocktail, and got po'd when he saw somebody watching him.

DISARM YOUR BODYGUARDS”: That's what Trump is telling Hillary, since she seems to think the “average Joe” doesn't need self-protection while she runs around encircled by ARMED “security,” as do most politicians who think we don't need the same “security” they need. Of course, she'll probably say she'll do it when he does. But he is NOT saying we don't need self defense. She is. She SAYS she “doesn't want to take away our guns,” but what she pushes does just that.

TARGET SUING HERO: Michael Turner grabbed a baseball bat to stop an attacker from stabbing a woman to death, and Target, instead of lauding his heroism, is suing him, for “endangering their customers with that bat.” Nothing is said about the other guy trying to stab another customer “endangering their customers with his knife.”. Apparently, they're not satisfied with losing $2.5 BILLION dollars in ten days of announcing that men would be allowed in their women's restrooms. They want to lose more. And they will.

WON'T APOLOGIZE”: Obama says he won't be apologizing for us dropping one of the world's only atomic bombs on Hiroshima, But his very VISIT there is an apology. To make it worse, he will most likely NOT be asking for an apology from Japan for bombing Pearl Harbor and killing thousands,nor for all the atrocities committed by the Japanese during WWII. I don't know why he doesn't apologize. He has apologized for many other things we did IN RETALIATION for the things other countries did to us. Obama himself is an :apology” for America.

NO ”SAFE SPACES”: There are no “safe spaces” in life. If you get frightened by somebody opposing your opinion, you're in for some very frightening experiences as you go out in the world when you leave the “cloistered halls” of college life where they want to “protect you” from all opposition. I reality, they're not “protecting” you from anything. If you don't know how to withstand opposition to your opinions, you're gonna have a tough life, because protecting you from opposition is CRIPPLING you and making you into a WIMP.

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